Monday, March 01, 2004

[The Sun]

Gigi Leung was at TKO TVB City yesterday at a costume tryout for her role in the new series "Wandering Hero Medics". In the show she will play Nick Cheung's girlfriend, but as she is a little taller than him, Gigi was asked if she would compromise by wearing shoes with no heels. She laughed: "I wear flat heels anyway, but we will overcome the height problem with acting talent." Although this is the first time that Gigi will be filming a TV drama, she is not afraid of it being hard work. She says: "In the past I have filmed for three days without sleeping, so I think I will make it okay. Soon I will be heading to Africa to film on location and I have been before when I had a ten-year innoculation, well worth it!"

As for the other cast members such as Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok and Raymond Lam, they were filming on location in Woo Kai Sa Youth Camp earlier and when it was joked with Nick that he suits Sonija better, he retorted: "I suit everyone, I look just as comfortable with everyone, regardless of race, age or gender, never mind their height! Having a girlfriend who is taller than me makes me look even more stylish!" During the filming a big group of children asked to have their photos taken with Sonija and she admitted that she never used to like children: "My boyfriend likes them a lot, but looking after children requires a lot of responsibility and patience, so I will have to think hard about having children."


[The Sun]

Johnny Tang and Lo Ming Chu were the guests at a restaurant opening at Dongguan and in response to the cast changes in "Virtues of Harmony", Johnny said: "I have been stopped for about two weeks now and will begin filming again on 2nd March. I did not ask the reason though. My contract runs out in November and if I have to sign a 'one show per year' contract then I will not be renewing. The company is like a factory now, working on quantity not quality and I am starting to lose faith in it."


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