Thursday, March 11, 2004

[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

Many celebrities made an appearance at Kenix and Frankie's wedding banquet many appearing with their own other halves, including Alex Fong and Mok Ho Yan, Gregory Lee and Shirley Yeung, Chin Ka Lok and Lee San San and others. The scene was very warming as guesses were made as to which couple would be next in line.

As for the married guests, they included Tong Kai and Suet Nei, Gary Chan and Noel Leung, Lam Man Chung and Chan Ling Lei, Jimmy Wong and Maple Hui, Miu Kiu Wai and Jamie Chik. Even Jackie Chan made a fleeting visit to bring his congratulations.

Playing Frankie's mother in "Virtues of Harmony", Nancy Sit had a dress made especially and she said to the press: "With the attendance of so many friends from the industry, it is like a ball. At first I thought that everyone would play games on the newlyweds but they didn't in the end. The most touching part was Frankie's vow of love to Kenix because he has become a Christian and these vows signify a love that he hopes will last forever." At the banquet, Frankie sung some hymns together with Lee Si Kei and Mary Hon and as a Christian herself, Nancy felt very comfortable when she heard this. When asked what present she has given the couple, she says that as well as money, she has given them a thermometer and laughs that Frankie knows how to use it. Nancy also revealed that the groom was a little drunk as Lau Dan asked him if he remembered his telephone number. When Frankie replied he did, then Lau Dan told him to call if there was anything he didn't understand.

Elvina Kong and her sister were also present and she says that she was very happy and very touched because it is rare for two people from the industry get married and they showed some photographs at the banquet of when they were young and of the two together and it was very sweet. As one of the 'brothers' Timmy Hung says that the whole event was perfect and went very smoothly as everyone took care of the couple. They did not play any wedding games on the groom as he was already a little high and emotional, but he wasn't drunk. The only slight mishap was the confusion at the registration ceremony so he says that he will not get married himself in Hong Kong.

Michael Tong and Raymond Cho were also among the 'brothers' helping out all day and well into the night when they all commented that they were very tired. Michael also felt that the wedding went very well and he felt like a member of the VIP protection squad because they were pushed about whilst looking after the couple. He laughs: "I almost became the reporters' tripod because they often rested their cameras on top of my head." Raymond Cho was responsible for organising the 'brotherly troops'.


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