Thursday, March 11, 2004

[Sing Pao & The Sun]

Ada Choi was seventeen when she took the second runner up position in Miss Hong Kong, after which she entered the entertainment industry. In the blink of an eye, over ten years has passed and as well as gaining fame, fortune and some extracts of love, she has also met with many storms in terms of her love and family life. Although she often falls on the path to love, Ada firmly believes that God will bring her a spectacular and long lasting love affair.

When interviewing the strict Christian Ada Choi,she will often thank the Lord for accompanying her through many hard times. Now she will not let herself become caught up in her problems because she believes that God will arrange her destiny for her. Ada says: "I would really like to do something for God." She has finally found the chance as after being away from the movie scene for two or three years, Ada has the chance to spread the word of love through gospel film "A Match made in Heaven".

This film tells of the times when SARS struck and the love affair between the infected doctor Tse Yuen Man and her husband. Ada will be playing Joanna, that is Tse Yuen Man. Ada has played a doctor before in TV series "Healing Hands", but she insists that it will be different this time. She says: "When I saw this script, I was a little afraid as the character is so diffcult to portray. I am afraid of any errors in my performance that will make people believe I am doing a bad job, so I will be very careful. I even thought about giving up and not doing it."

In the past, the roles that Ada has played are made up from fiction, but Dr Tse was a real person and a heroine. She admits that she could feel the pressure whilst she was playing the part and could only do her best. She explains that she wanted to play the part with the utmost of reality, so she didn't read the script until very close to filming so that she could work from her most primary instincts for the role. Luckily, under the guidance of director Kwan Shun Fai, the result was not bad at all. Ada says: "I gained a lot from making this film and I only took a portion of the fee. During filming, it felt like everyone was part of a family and I have never experienced such an feeling about my work environment. For example the first scene every day, the crew would all say a prayer together before we begin and is is a very good feeling." The trauma of SARS is over now and she is not afraid that this film will bring back the sad feelings in everyone? Ada says the story is only about Dr Tse and her husband's moving love affair. SARS is merely a backdrop to the plot.

Dr Tse and her husband had a moving and touching love affair and Ada says that the director is full of emotion and at one point started crying during filming. As for herself, she is a stubborn and hard person, so she does not cry easily. However, Ada feels that the love affair is very moving. Does she also hope for a moving love affair of her own? Ada thinks a while before saying: "I would hope to have a long lasting and sacrificing love affair, I want it to last forever. To be together forever and grow old with each other is the most spectacular thing." She even says that she doesn't mind giving everything up to become a housewife if she meets the right person. Filming a wedding scene with her screen husband Tse Kwan Ho, Ada says she is touched by the words and feels that marriage is a very wonderful thing.

Ada smiles that God knows what she can handle and what will make her stand even stronger. She says: "But my experiences have been challenging enough, luckily I am a happy girl." She says that the ideal choice of boyfriend for her would be of the same religion and have the same beliefs, otherwise they would have little chance of coming together. When asked if she is reducing the choice and making it more difficult for herself, Ada laughs: "That I am not afraid of, there are plenty of Christians around!" Luckily, her past boyfriends believed in the same God as her and although their love affair didn't blossom. she still believes there is a long and lasting love waiting for her.


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