Monday, March 15, 2004

[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

The five winners from this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik, Selena Li and Carrie Lee appeared together with eight members of TVB's "The B.E.S.T. Team" including Shirley Yeung, Chu Hoi Ting, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong at a promotional event for the opening of the 2004 pageant application process for local contestants in Hong Kong.

In order to welcome the summer feel, the girls were dressed in summery dresses and keeping a great figure, Carrie Lee appeared in an eyecatching strappy dress that stole the attention of the cameras. In contrast, Mandy showed a little flab and thick legs and was no competition.

Carrie does not agree that she has stolen the limelight from the other Miss HK's and laughs: "Actually this is a dress from the company. Maybe I was awarded the 'Slimmed beauty' award last year, so they want me to show my figure off a little." She also reveals she is not wearing a bra: "There are pads in the dress, so there is no problem. If the company arranges it then it will not be very sexy." Carrie points out that she has put on a little since the pagent, rising from 107 lbs to 111 lbs.

As for Mandy's response to the suggestions she is putting on weight, she says a little embarrassed: "I am a bit, but this is a good sign. I will keep my figure, the most important thing is exercise." She does not think that Carrie has stolen the show: "I feel that everyone has their own beauty, my dress is also very pretty and I have something underneath so it is very safe."

In response to suggestions that he is avoiding "Spark Generator" Nancy Wu on the set of "Destinies of the Western Chamber" by looking only at his co-star Myolie Wu, Ron Ng denied this, saying that it was just the angle of the photograph. As for his current promotion by TVB, he says that the company is very open and will not stop him from dating. He says: "The company is very open-minded and has not instructed me not to date, but I am concentrating on my work at the moment so there should not be any sparks between me and any girl just yet."

Ron says that he and Nancy have worked together in "Twin of Brothers", "Find the Light" and "Triumph in the Skies", but they are just friends and he points out: "We do chat with each other and often will go out with a big group of others after work for dinner." Ron also believes that artistes should have female friends as he laughs: "We are just normal people and we still have to go out. If I am photographed holding a girl's hand or holding her then I will admit I am dating."


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