Thursday, March 04, 2004

[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok will be holding their wedding ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong on 10th March and yesterday, a group of cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" held a small celebration for them to wish them the best for their wedding. The couple presented tea to their 'seniors' including Nancy Sit, Kingdom Yuen, Louis Yuen and production chief Catherine Tsang who returned the gesture with lucky packets, presents and good wishes in the warm and happy atmosphere.

As 'Kam Nin' from the show gets married in real life, the "Virtues" cast presented various gifts with hidden meanings such as lotus shoot and sugar for "many children and a hundred years together" and Johnny Ngan and Helen Ma presented a small pair of scissors signifying "spread your wings and fly high". When Kenix saw the scissors, she exclaimed: "They're so small!" to which Louis replied with his Lau Kam sordid wit: "They'll be enough!". They also played some games with the couple where a blindfolded Frankie had to try and recognise his bride's hands, but this was no problem for him as he guessed correctly first time, with a special feeling for her 'little cold hands'. When they were encouraged to hurry up and have children, Lau Dan laughed: "If you have any technical questions, then ask your seniors!" To which Yvonne Lam asked: "So what will you be doing on your wedding night?" and Cutie Mui laughed: "Doing what you and your husband did!"

Kenix says that the preparations for the wedding are okay and she is not nervous at all as a lot of the tasks have been delegated to friends and family who are all eager to help out. Kenix will be picked up from her maternal home and when asked if she was worried if her groom will be tortured by her sisters and whether she has told Anne Heung and the girls to tone down the games, she laughs: "We'll have to see how devoted the brothers are on the day! Originally we had prepared for 35 tables, but finally we found that we have to prepare at least 48 tables and even if people do not come, it will be at least 40 tables. One night, we spent six and a half hours just deciding the seating plan, it was such a headache." As many friends all had the same idea of giving them crystals as a wedding gift, their home has become a little crystal warehouse, they would prefer their friends to give cash gifts instead. They have decided to have their honeymoon in France and Spain and originally had hoped to spend a month travelling, but because they have to return to work, their trip will last only ten days.

Frankie indicates he has lost six pounds in the run up to the wedding because he wants to do a lot of things personally, despite all the offers of help.

Responding to recent reports indicating that "Virtues of Harmony" was kicking out the expensive artistes and the remarks made by Johnny Tang, Catherine Tsang indicates that there is no such thing, saying that a long running series will inevitably have some cast changes. This is an element of the storyline and she hopes that people will not make unfounded guesses. As for Johnny's remarks, she says that she has not reprimanded him because the reports have not been substantiated and even if he said those words, it is not a big matter. She adds: "The company absolutely supports productions and if there is a need for someone, then they will be employed. There is no pressure to reduce costs."

Also "Healing Hands III" will begin filming in May or June and Catherine is confident that Lawrence Ng will be taking part because she has booked time in his schedule and without Lawrence, the show will not go ahead. With the reports of Lawrence's antics in the news, is she worried this will affect his image? Catherine says: "You should not copy each other, holding hands with friends is nothing major, you should let go of it! Anyway the person and the character are separate and I believe in his morals, he is a good person." She also says that with rumours that Lawrence will not be included in "Healing Hands III" he was quite upset, so she called him immediately to reassure him of his part in the show.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Receiving the 'daughter-in-law" tea from Kenix Kwok yesterday was a touching moment for Nancy Sit and she was moved to tears as she thought of the scene in the future when her own son will be married. Nancy says: "Although my son is only 17 years old, he already has some friends that he brought home on his birthday for me to meet. I will not be as strict as the last generation because puppy love will happen, so sometimes when my son goes out, I will help him to choose his clothes and he is quite popular with the girls."

As well as her son starting to date, Nancy's eldest daughter has a boyfriend. She says: "I went to America earlier and have met her boyfriend, he even brought his grandfather to meet me! This rather shocked me because it made me feel that my age has moved me into another stage of life."

As for Frankie and Kenix's forthcoming wedding, Nancy says: "I am really very happy, because we have worked together for a few years and seeing each other nearly every day, he is really like a son to me and we have a definite friendship." Nancy also told the couple to have children whilst they are still young because then you can enjoy the fortune of children. Her gift to Kenix was a thermometer so that she can check for ovulation and hit the jackpot in one. Nancy also laughs: "I used to be like this, so I could arrange for a child every two years."

Also, Nancy's birthday is on the 30th and she will be holding a party for her fans on 29th. She says: "There is no SARS this year, so the response has been great and I have a new sponsor, so the presents will be quite nice, including shark's fin, abalone and bird's nest."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu and Hawick Lau are still constantly denying that they are dating, but everyone around them recognises them as a couple and often joke about them. As Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok arrived with presents yesterday, Bernice was grouped into Lau Dan's 'family' to present the wedding present to the couple.

Afterwards, Bernice was asked if she was annoyed at being set up and she laughed: "No, everyone has been joking about it for over two years now and I am used to it and think nothing of it now." She also changed the subject, saying how happy she is for Frankie and telling the couple to hurry up and have a baby so that she can help them babysit because she loves children. When asked if she is envious of the happy couple, she says: "I am happy for them, but not yet envious because I am still young and marriage is still a long way off!"

Hawick doesn't mind being at the brunt of everyone's jokes again with Bernice as he says: "It doesn't matter, everyone's happy so we don't mind, they are just playing!" Hawick met Kenix during filming for "A Kindred Spirit" so they have known each other for quite a while and toward the wedding of a pair of close friends, Hawick feels it is quite cute. As for when it will be his turn, he says: "Don't talk about these things, men should not think about marriage until he is at least 35!"


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Miss HK winners Mandy Cho, Priscilla Chik, Carrie Lee and Selena Li together with Stephanie Wang all appeared dressed up in costumes to model at the Hong Kong Flower Show and Stephanie appeared in a court dress that left her rather covered up, but showed the shape of her figure. Stephanie indicates: "I like this set of clothes, especially with the cold weather, it is even more suitable." She also reveals that she has signed with Man Dik from Star East Talent Management to arrange film work and advertising work for her. With a bad experience in the past from signing with a model agency, she believes that history will not repeat itself as she is confident with the sincerity of Star East and hopes they will have a good working relationship.

With this contract, are there certain jobs that Stephanie will refuse? She says that basically there is not, if she needs to be sexy, then as long as there is a need, she will not resist. However, as she is still young, her image is more likely to be youthful and healthy and not anything sleazy.

Mandy Cho indicated that she has been attending a lot of balls and social functions and has met many eligible bachelors, but she doesn't feel there are many who are pursuing her and laughs that she will keep going and keep looking. In order to improve her dancing skills for these functions, she has started to take dancing lessons and says she doesn't mind wearing low cut dresses. Mandy jokes: "I have met a lot of people at those places, but I haven't met enough yet or met anyone who wants to date me, so I have to keep going!" She also playfully blames the press for her lack of success: "You have written too much about me and have put everyone off, take the news about Aaron for example, he didn't pursue me at all. If you want me to get a date, then don't keep writing these things about me!"


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