Friday, March 05, 2004

[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok, together with the best man, chief bridesmaid and Kenix's parents tried the dishes at the Intercontinental Hotel earlier in preparation for the wedding banquet to be held on the 10th. The couple seemed very loving in their complementing outfits as the hotel prepared eight dishes for them to choose from, each with their own speciality. In the end the couple chose a selection of very unusual dishes for their guests, with each table costing a generous five figure sum.

With each table costing over $10,000 and a total of forty tables, the cost will be around $400-500,000, but Frankie doesn't mind saying: "This is a once in a lifetime occasion, I wanted it to be precious, so I chose some good stuff for my guests." As well as the banquet costs, the most expensive item for the wedding was Kenix's engagement ring with a 3.6 carat round diamond surrounded by smaller stones. Together with the two wedding rings, the total cost came to $500,000. Frankie says: "At first, Kenix didn't want me to spend so much, but I think it is worth it so I kept to my original decision. I had planned to spend a seven figure sum on my wedding, so I am not concerned about it as I will not fight a battle that I cannot sustain." The couple reveal that the colour scheme for the wedding will be a romantic lilac.

The happiest thing for Frankie and Kenix is that the car, cakes and wedding dress have all been sponsored and they are getting the best. He says: "Especially the wedding car, originally we were to use a Rolls-Royce for just the bridal car, but the company boss says that they will lend us a whole fleet of Rolls-Royce's for all the sisters, saying this makes it more impressive. Every sponsor sent out an executive to talk to us and I feel very honoured and special." Frankie reveals that there is a fan who has been following him for fifteen years and she brought her daughter with her to give him a present. Everyone around is very happy for them and this gives them a very special feeling.

Frankie and Kenix's wedding has been in the spotlight recently and he says: "Wasn't Josie Ho's three-day wedding even more spectacular? Maybe recently the weddings in the industry have been rather low profile, so they find ours is rather unusual." The wedding studios sponsored six outfits for Kenix as well as all the suits, but in the end she only chose four. She says: "I am afraid of getting changed so much throughout the evening that Frankie's bride will become 'invisible' hidden by all the clothes."


[The Sun]

Bosco Wong and Lily Lei together with Marsha Yuen took part in an RTHK event yesterday and recently there have been reports of Bosco out shopping with a female in Tsimshatsui and suggestions that Bosco was ordering the girl to go and buy food whilst he looked around in a bookshop and was mistakenly identified as Ron Ng!

Bosco responded to the reports saying that he has been wrongly accused of dating a friend's girlfriend: "I just laughed when I read the report because that was my friend's girlfriend. (Will you avoid her now?) You can't avoid your friends, but if I start dating in the future, I will be more careful when we go out. Holding a girl's hand is normal social behaviour, but kissing and hugging in public is unsavoury and I will not do that."


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