Wednesday, March 10, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Beautiful couple Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok were joined in matrimony today as they held their wedding ceremony at the Cultural Centre and became husband and wife. An evening reception was held at the Intercontinental Hotel numbering forty tables and among the names in the guest list were Alan Tam, Natalis Chan and his wife Cecilia Wong, Yu Man Si and Ekin Cheng.

The day began with Frankie and his entourage arriving at Kenix's parental home in a Rolls Royce. Eight 'brothers' including Louis Yuen, Michael Tse, Johnny Tang and Mok Ka Yiu were met by Christine Ng, Anne Heung and the other 'sisters' and made to wear jelly bras and knickers and sent down to have a photo taken with a stranger in the street before drinking chocolate milk spiked with jerky. After they finally gained entry, the couple kneeled before the parents and seniors and presented tea to them. At an emotional moment as they passed the tea to Frankie's elder sister, the three cried tears of joy.

The group was then transported in style in six Rolls Royces to the Cultural Centre for the registration ceremony. A crowd of six hundred press and well wishers were congregated outside, including fans and supporters who helped make a lovely atmosphere. However there was a little chaos as the couple appeared and the brothers dressed all in white had to form a human barrier to protect them. During the ceremony, Frankie and Kenix were both very teary eyed. Later Kenix recounted the moment, saying: "We have been together for so many years and have been through so much, so when I saw his eyes welling up, I couldn't help it either." She adds that her emotions at the time cannot be described.

Apart from Frankie's little sister who was unable to attend because she was unwell, the families from both sides where present and the bride was given a set of huge Dragon-Phoenix bangles by her mother-in-law that together with the weight of all her other gold jewellery left her wrists a little bruised. Kenix says that her own mother gave them a set of diamond watches. When they cut the cake, Kenix had changed into another dress and was wearing the diamond jewellery set lent by the jewellery sponsors.

As they opened the champagne, Frankie was unable to pull the cork out of the enormous bottle and said rather awkwardly: "It's very deep." Kenix then remarked: "I wonder how long it is." This sparked off a quip from Louis Yuen, who added: "Who knows how long it is!" Finally with the help of some strong brothers, they managed to open the bottle.

There were very few faces from showbiz at the wedding ceremony itself, with only Chan Mei Kei and her husband, and the couple explained: "This is because it is difficult to take time off in this industry, but many people said at the last minute that they would attend." At the banquet, Alan Tam and Nat Chan represented the Celebrity Football team and Nat presented them with a cash gift, saying they are a match made in heaven and describing himself and Frankie as 'Monkey King' and that his wife Cecilia and Kenix are Buddha from whom they cannot escape.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok entered a new stage in life as they held their wedding ceremony at the Cultural Centre today. There was some chaos as the crowds of press, fans and star watchers built up and after the ceremony, they could not have many photographs at the venue because of the crowd and couldn't even leave in the same car as they rushed away in another Rolls.

The ceremony was held at 2:45 pm, but as early as 1:00 pm there was already a build up of people around the centre. Friends and family started arriving at around 2:00 pm before the couple and their entourage arrived in two gold, three lilac and one deep blue Rolls Royces. With the frenzy of press photographs as they arrived, eight 'brothers' including Mok Ka Yiu, Michael Tong, Timmy Hung, Michael Tse, Louis Yuen, Johnny Tang and Raymond Cho became temporary security staff as they kept order and getting their white suits a little dirty.

The bride Kenix used "A hundred different emotions" to describe her wedding day and told of the touching moment as she remembered everything they had shared so far. Frankie's father is in poor health, so he was not present at the afternoon ceremony.

The wedding banquet totalled forty tables in the evening and over a hundred faces from the showbiz world made an appearance, including Alan Tam, Nat chan, Gallen Lo, Sunny Chan, Bobby Au-Yeung and Yoyo Mung. Alan had just returned from the mainland and appeared in casual clothes as he had another appointment and had to leave after five minutes.

Having married and moved to America, former TVB star Chan Mei Kei returned especially for Kenix and Frankie's wedding. Mei Kei says: "I filmed a hundred episodes of 'Detective Investigation Files' with Kenix and we are like sisters. Two weeks ago when I received the invitation in person from Frankie and Kenix, I felt that they were very sincere, so I had to come and take part, especially for the main ceremony because it is important to me." She says that she got married on November 27th four years ago and it turned out that was Kenix's birthday, so she feels she has some destined links to her. Mei Kei laughs: "It feels to me like a sister is getting married. (What did you give the couple?) Two gold sovereigns." As her husband is often working in Shanghai, then US resident Mei Kei will be spending more time in Hong Kong.


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