Saturday, March 06, 2004

[Pictures from Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun & Sing Pao]
(Report: Sing Pao)

Cast members from "Blade Heart", including Adam Cheng, Shirley Yeung, Raymond Lam, Gregory Lee and producer Chik Kei Yi appeared at a promotional event yesterday where they played games with the audience and signed autographs.

Whenever Adam's shows are aired, there is a worry among investors regarding the 'Ding Hai Effect', that will cause the stock market to crash. In response to this, Adam says he is not worried about 'Ding Hai' any more, but is more concerned with the 'Man Fung' effect (his character name in the new show) that will cause the stock market to rise. It turns out that Adam will invest sometimes in Blue Chip shares, but he is not greedy and will do his research before he invests. As for his feelings towards the new show, Adam says: "The crew at the studios have praised the quality of the series because the filming methods are a little different from usual and although it was hard work, the great responses from everyone makes me very happy." In the series, he will have an entwining relationship with Liza Wang.

Whilst filming for "Blade Heart", Shirley Yeung suffered an injury when she fell from a horse and is still haunted by the after effects whenever the weather changes. When asked if Lee Ka Ding has introduced a Chinese chiropractor, she says she believes more in physiotherapy, but Master Lee does look out for her. Some magazine reports have suggested that she has fallen out with her mother over marriage plans with Gregory Lee, but Shirley denies this, saying that they are both still very young and have not yet thought about getting married. Has he proposed to her? She says: "No, why don't you ask him?" There are also reports that she has secretly moved near her boyfriend's home and not told her mother, but Shirley says that her mother helped her move house.

During the event, many fans gathered around to play games and receive promotional gifts, creating quite a lively atmosphere. Among them, Raymond's fans were the biggest and loudest group. Afterwards, Raymond indicated that he will do anything his fans ask of him and the most memorable was having a photo taken whilst hugging him hard, but he says they are not too wild. He also indicates that whilst filming on the mainland, the fans there have set up a fan club and are having join events with his Hong Kong fan club. Raymond says that in "Blade Heart", his image is very cool and he is also the last of his family. At first he was worried that this would not be very lucky if the show was aired at the new year, but the release date next week is alright.


[Ta Kung Pao]

After Jade Kwan's promotional clip was aired on Cable, causing the wrath of TVB and the suspension of co-operation with her record company BMA, Jade realises the serious consequences of her actions and has apologised publicly for her mistake. Earlier, she appeared at a fashion event and was careful in who she spoke to, avoiding any TV company interviews to avoid making any more mistakes.

However, TVB's assistant Managing Director Chan Chi Wan has said that this matter has now been passed to the lawyers to deal with. It would appear that Jade's apologies have done little to settle TVB's anger. She is reported to be a little worried, but she did not break the rules on purpose and does not know what she can do at the moment, so she has left this in the hands of her record company to deal with.

Jade also says that she knows she is in the wrong, as she is a contracted singer with TVB and should respect the terms of her contract. From now on she will follow the rules and guarantees there will not be another mistake. She also apologised profusely and is willing to correct her mistake. Will this affect her future work? Jade says that the record company has arranged for her to go to America next month for some singing lessons as a reward for her successful concert and so there will not be any direct effect for the near future. These lessons are quite expensive, costing $2000 a lesson and she plans to stay there for three or four weeks with all expenses paid by the company. She will also have an assistant with her and she is very grateful for the investment that the company is placing into her.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Lui Fong was filming earlier at TVB City for his new music video and in response to the news that TVB was suspending work with BMA artistes, he says that he is proof that there is no suspension in place. He says that whenever he is about to release an album, something always happens, but he will think nothing of it as he laughs: "It isn't that serious this time."

Seeing Lui Fong not having been 'frozen' by TVB, is this down to the influences of his girlfriend Carol Cheng? Lui Fong laughs: "Wow she must be something to have sorted it out for me! She only has one show left." Afterwards, he tries to support Jade Kwan saying: "Maybe her Mandarin is not very good and TVB mistook her for speaking in Cantonese."

Lui Fong has made three music videos with TVB recently and smiles: "This proves that I have some standing at TVB, so why would they suspend my work?" He also says that TVB is not giving respect to Carol and jests further: "I have just seen Uncle Six in the toilet and he even asked me to sign for TVB again...."


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