Wednesday, March 10, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

On the occasion of Kenix and Frankie's wedding, many of their friends had to work and were unable to attend. Of these included Charmaine Sheh who was filming for "One Beautiful Spear". Charmaine says: "I have already passed my gift onto Raymond Cho to take along for me. As Annie Man is a 'sister' then she has taken the time off a long time in advance, so I had to take her slot. I will be filming until ten this evening so I don't think I can make it. If they have a party afterwards, then I would go to that."

With the annoucement of plans to allow the freedom to 'build your own number plate' with any combination of letters and numbers, Charmaine was asked what she would choose and she suggests "MISS1997" because this was the year that she took part in Miss Hong Kong Pageant.


[Oriental Daily]

Nick Cheung and Sonija Kwok will begin their love affair in "Wandering Hero Medics" in Africa. The cast and crew will be heading out to film on location in June for a month and they will be having a 'hot' love affair on the plains, with a kissing scene. However they are not concerned about this because they will have to have innoculations and this puts their minds to rest about health and hygiene issues.

Nick has many different shows on his hands at the moment as he is currently also filming for movie "Big Case", but luckily TVB is being flexible with his schedules. Nick is very tired as he covers both the big and small screens, so he hopes to take some time out to go on holiday with his wife Esther Kwan soon to get some rest and relaxation.
Sonija has also become ill after filming day and night, so she is worried about her health in Africa. When she has her injections, she will most likely be dizzy for two days so she suggests the company should give her some time to recover.


[The Sun]

Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai were filming for new series "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" in a scene where Gigi is being pestered in a park and Julian helps her out. He refers to himself as the Hong Kong version of 'Ong Bak' [Em: This is a Hit Thai film about a Thai Boxer that is popular in HK at the moment.] and he strikes a kicking pose like the star of the movie, however when the cameras are rolling, a simple kicking action takes several takes before the director accepts it.

Gigi plays an author in the show and when asked if she is interested in writing in real life, she says: "I do have the habit of writing a diary usually and I am interested in writing articles, but I will not publish a book to become a literary star. I don't have time anyway because I have another series lined up after this one."


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