Monday, March 15, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Myolie Wu appeared at a press conference for a radio drama yesterday and she was rather excited because she is singing the theme song for the show in her musical debut. She reveals she has gone for an audition to sing theme tunes for TVB, but this has not yet been confirmed.

When Myolie was asked if she is interested in entering the music industry, she says: "If I have the chance, it would be good because I do like singing a lot, but it will all be down to the company to arrange it because TVB is my management company after all. When I was studying in Ireland, I did have singing lessons as a soprano for a year and I took part in a singing competition when I was sixteen or seventeen in London. Although I didn't win, I was awarded a prize for 'Best Potential' so I hope that the record companies will approach me after hearing my song on the show!"


[Oriental Daily]

After suffering severe chest pains whilst filming for "Virtues of Harmony", Albert Lo Ho Kai was taken into intensive care earlier and diagnosed with heart disease. He is in need of further checks to see whether he needs to be fitted with a pacemaker, but Albert was desperate to get back to work, afraid he would lose his job in the current TVB climate.

Just one week after beginning to film on "Virtues", the focus on his scenes with Nancy Sit has been greatly affected with Albert's admittance into hospital and the schedules have been subject to some alteration. However, there are still schedules with Albert's name on posted at TVB City. Albert is currently under observation in the intensive care unit and Nancy Sit indicated that she has been in touch with his wife who indicated that Albert has a problem with his heart, but is in a stable condition and at the moment they do not know if he will require an operation. However, despite resting in bed, Albert is desperate to return to work and even the doctors are asking him why he is so eager to return to work. Albert says he must film and Nancy sighs with an air of resignation that for an artiste, they do not even have time to be ill. She says she will take care with her own health.

As for the changes in filming schedules, Nancy says she has received an amended schedule at midnight last night and will be filming other scenes for now. "Virtues" producer Chui Yu On says that he will be observing Albert's condition and there is no need to change the role for now. He says Albert is stable and is joking with the nurses, so he is optimistic with his recovery.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong were filming for "Wandering Hero Medics" and will be heading out to Kenya in June to film on location for a month. As the country is developing its tourist industry, the artistes were invited to an event at the Kenyan Consulate and seeing so many dark-skinned African officials, Sonija laughs: "I will definitely bring a swimsuit and go swimming because I think I will be very tanned when I return."

The storyline for "Wandering" develops such that Sonija will be having a love affair with Nick Cheung in Kenya that leaves Sonija pregnant. To make it realistic, the 'belly' will be moulded from rubber and in order to form the mould, Sonija had to reveal her chest and belly to the male make-up artist, making her rather embarrassed. She laughs: "Getting pregnant after one affair, it only happens in dramas, but this is the most realistic time of playing a pregnant role because the mould weight about seven or eight pounds and it is really like carrying a baby. When I am filming in the summer, I will definitely lose weight from my belly!"


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Newlyweds Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam set off for their honeymoon in Europe on Sunday and a dedicated Japanese fan who had been to their wedding banquet was at the airport to see them off and armed with a big pile of wedding photos for them to autograph. Kenix and Frankie will be spending nine days in Paris and Barcelona and when asked about the bombings in Madrid, Kenix indicated that they will not be going there. The couple will be enjoying a romantic holiday and shopping spree and do not want to become involved with anything else.

When asked if they will be 'making babies', Kenix laughs: "I have forgotten to bring the thermometer from Nancy Sit, but we will be sensible."


[The Sun]

With the summer approaching, many slimming companies are preparing for battle to seek the most attractive female spokespersons to make money for them. With a healthy image, Priscilla Koo has become one of the targets and on a beauty chat show earlier, she indicated the problems with her 'belly'. On the show, guests Raymond Cho, Michael Tong and Lam Ying Fai impersonated her 'belly' photos from her honeymoon and Raymond Cho's impression causing some frustration for Priscilla. Luckily, Raymond knows how to make up for it and suggested that TVB should open a show for him and Priscilla to play lovers. To this, Priscilla asked him: "Are you not afraid of becoming my toy boy?" Raymond immediately replied tactfully: "Not at all, you're so fit, beautiful and dazzling."


[The Sun]

Yoyo Mung appeared at an event for Yamaha motorcycles in Macau and says she is very attracted to the latest model of bike and although the cc of the new bike is less, she is prepared to swap this bike worth over $10,000 for her own that is worth $20,000.

After the show, Yoyo visited the casino with her friends and she says she doesn't like it there very much but she had to go with her friends for a bit of fun. She says she is a dunce in the casino because she does not know how to gamble and she asked so many questions at the tables that she annoyed her friend. Yoyo adds she is not suited to going to the casino because she is very happy even if she wins $100 and has little ambition. However she still lost $4000 there and she is feeling the pinch because she would rather have spent the money on taking her friends for a meal instead.


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