Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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[Ming Pao]

Michelle Ye and Myolie Wu have recently been working together on new series "Destinies of the Western Chamber" and new rumours reporting that the two are outwardly friendly but inwardly enemies have emerged, suggesting that Myolie is unhappy about her part being cut so she is just playing a secondary role and also complaints about Michelle's lateness and absence, spreading gossip around the cast and crew.

Michelle was filming yesterday in Ma On Shan and indicated that the reports were false, adding: "We are good friends, sometimes when we work too late then Myolie will come and stay at my house. When I hurt my leg, she accompanied me to the doctors, when have we fallen out? The rumours are the same as ever and someone told me about the reports today, but we just find it rather amusing."

Michelle also refutes the stories about them fighting over screentime saying: "The script was laid out very early on. Myolie plays a maid, but this does not represent a secondary part. You can play a beggar but still be a leading role." She also says that after injuring her leg, it has improved and she has been carrying on with filming so as not to delay progress.


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