Wednesday, March 03, 2004

[Ming Pao]

Blade Heart - the vengeances of Jianghu are about to erupt

The classical pairing of Adam Cheng and Liza Wang are about to be reunited on screen after sixteen years in TVB's new ancient drama "Blade Heart" where a secret vengeance hidden in the Jianghu world is about to be revealed!

Adam Cheng's hero image is deeply engrained into everyone's hearts and this time he reprises his role as he plays a highly skilled martial artist and palace guard. With a mask over the left side of his face, he flies across the land on his gallant steed with both valour and style. The acting talents of Adam and Liza are a guarantee of confidence and following their example is a group of relative newcomers including Raymond Lam and Shirley Yeung. "Blade Heart" is a grand production, costing HK$20 million and filming on location in Beijing, where the young couple Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee were brought together romantically.

Liza and Adam play a couple who are separated due to a misunderstanding, but are reunited after a series of actions that leads them to rebuild their marriage. The story tells of how the Sima family murdered the Tong family in order to monopolise the business. Twenty years later, leader of the palace guard Yu Man Fung (Adam Cheng) and the Madame Wang (Liza Wang) from the first courier company of the capital meet in a fight. Amid the flashing of the sword and sabre, the two find familiarity in each other.

It turns out that Yu Man Fung had changed his name and wore a mask to hide his identity to become a guard. His wife Tong Pik had remarried into the Wang family, losing her dignity and like Yu, awaiting their chance to seek revenge for their family. Tong Pik had recruited Mang Lui (Raymond Lam) to be her swordsman and after spending much time with Pik's daughter Wang Yi (Shirley Yeung), they develop feelings for each other. However, Pik forbids their love affair, forcing Lui to practice his skills all the time. Raymond and Shirley play half-brother and half-sister who have been separated from birth and are unaware of their relationship and only discover the truth after they have fallen in love with each other, nearly creating an incestuous relationship and leaving them in great pain forever.

"Blade Heart" will begin airing from next Monday 8th March.


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