Tuesday, February 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Michelle Ye's appearance has been rather conservative in the past, but appearing at a promotion for her slimming company yesterday, she wore a sexy seethrough top as she became their new spokesperson for a six-figure sum. Michelle indicates that she used to weigh 123 lbs, but after her slimming regime, her weight has returned to 106 lbs and she doesn't mind wearing sexy clothes now as her figure is respectable. She also laughs that she never thought that she would be so brave, and afraid of revealing herself too much, she has made precautions beforehand. She says: "This is the first time I have dressed so sexy and this top is arranged by the event organisers. I remember when I was taking part in the beauty contest, I didn't have to wear a swimsuit on stage, so I was worried about this outfit."

During her interview, Michelle was horrified when a female reporter asked her to remove the sticker on her chest. Luckily, she didn't have any accidents. Michelle says that after losing weight, she feels that she has become more photogenic. Recently, she has been filming for "Destinies of the Western Chamber" and even the director has commented that she looks better on camera and they no longer have to just show 70% of her face.

After successful slimming, Michelle can take on some more sexier jobs, such as a scene where she appears emerging from a bath in her camisole. When the press ask whether she has more people pursuing her, she evaded the question, just saying that she is concentrating on her work and will not waste time on love affairs.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun - additional pics from Apple Daily]

Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Tang Chi Fung, Bosco Wong, Kiki Sheung and Raymond Lam were among the stars appearing at the blessing ceremony for "Wandering Hero Medics" yesterday and Sonija wore a new short hairstyle as she says: "It feels very fresh. (Has your boyfriend Deric seen it yet?) He knows, but hasn't seen it, I wonder how he will react!" She adds: "I had it cut before I told him. He once told me not to cut it too short, but I had already had it cut. I think that if I find it looks nice, he won't feel too bad about it."

When the reporters asked for Sonija to have a picture taken with Tang Chi Fung, the two seemed rather awkward, but Sonija checked with her manager and they agreed. When asked why they seemed so awkward, she says: "I wasn't sure if my manager would allow it." Tang says: "When I see Sonija I will say hello, there is no awkwardness. (Why did you not want a photo together to start with?) I wasn't sure what she would think, she is dating and I wasn't sure if she would mind. (You said you would hold a press conference to explain the situation?) The incident has blown over now and no-one is pointing at me in the street."

Also, Nick revealed that in the show, he has a very caring girlfriend, who is played by Gigi Leung. When asked why he didn't ask his wife Esther to partner him, he says: "She has work of her own and will be away for a while. I don't like building our relationship on work any more." As Gigi is a tall girl, has Nick asked for her not to wear heels? Nick laughs: "I am not six foot, but I am five foot seven. The producer has worked with me before and knows about my height problem, so Gigi will not be wearing high heels."


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