Friday, February 06, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Louis Koo arrived quite late at the celebration party for his new movie "Fantasia" yesterday, but he was just in time to receive the lucky packets. When asked if he had handed out lucky packets, Louis says that he has always given them out to the crew. During the new year, he was performing out in North America and many people in the audience there gave him lucky packets. One of the stops was Houston, where Louis had originally planned to take time out to go and watch an American Football game, but he could not make it because of the traffic and worrying about whether he would make it to the airport. Nearly not making it to America due to problems with his Visa, Louis says: "Maybe after 9-11, the procedure is very complicated now! (Was there any problem when you entered the country?) Just leaving a fingerprint and having your photo taken."

Having always had good relations with TVB, Louis renewed his contract with them last year and he believes that he will be making a series with them this year. Louis says that one of the reasons for signing again with TVB was because of the freedom that the company has given him over the years. He is not too bothered about the wage because he feels that the care that the company shows him is more important. Although Louis found filming for "A Step in the Past" in the Mainland was hard work, he would like to make another ancient drama because wearing the ancient costumes means he can sleep on the floor at any time.

As for the changes by TVB's Jade Solid Gold's seasonal awards from four to two ceremonies per year, Louis agrees with this change because he feels that it will make the awards more valuable and indicates a greater recognition for the singers. It also suggests another step towards joint awards ceremonies between the four stations.


[Ta Kung Pao]

After finishing work with her radio show, Priscilla Koo headed to Kowloon Market to film a special for TVB's "Straight look at Bird Flu". The show will air next Monday for one minute each time. Yesterday's topic covered the topic of live chickens being back on sale in the market and Priscilla says that when her husband found out about her job, he was very worried. However she told him that colleagues from the news department visit the market every day and there was nothing to be worried about. She feels that people should not be overly frightened of Bird Flu or SARS. When asked if she had followed the disinfecting procedure, she says that there was no need because she was not touching the chickens.

When asked if she was worried about the recent reports that TVB was only signing 'one-show contracts' with its staff, Priscilla indicated that her contract with TVB is not up until the middle of the year and she has not yet started negotiating it. However she savours her work at TVB, despite not being able to accompany her husband on trips abroad after their recent marriage. She laughs that if one day she leaves the TV industry, this will not be due to the changes in company procedures, but simply because she wants to change her lifestyle. As for the reports of redundancies in TVB, she says that TVB is a listed company and can no longer talk about personal feelings any more.


[Ming Pao]

Emotion Cheung and former TVB actress Cheung Yin were married in secret recently and their ceremony was attended by Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan. After the wedding, the two have returned to their work, with Emotion working on stage production "Sins in the Family" and Cheung Yin returning to her native Guangzhou to film series. As a result their honeymoon has been postponed and as the news was revealed, many friends have congratulated them and also scolded them for keeping it so secret. Emotion says that he had to propose three times before Cheung Yin agreed to marry him because she feels that her career is going very well at the moment, however the two are used to making the most of any time they have together after working apart for so long. As for plans for a family, they are undecided but they both love children."


[Ming Pao]

Ron Ng brought his three month old pet dog "Fan Shu" [means 'Yam'] along to an interview recently. He especially loves big dogs and as well as "Fan Shu" , he also has a Golden Retriever called "Ah Mo" [Hairy]. Talking of Ah Mo makes Ron very happy as he says that Ah Mo is two years old and although he is very mischievous sometimes, such as when it chewed his new trainers, it is really very clever and when he arrives home late after work, the dog will not soil the house as it obediently waits for its walk to 'go to the toilet'. As well as the two dogs, Ron also has three cats!


[Oriental Daily]

Whilst filming for TVB's "Destinies of the Western Chamber" yesterday, Myolie Wu had not had enough sleep and during a scene where she had to fall onto a mattress holding a wooden box, she accidentally injured her chin with the box and caused it to bleed. Luckily it was only a surface injury and she had not affected her appearance, leaving her breathing a sigh of relief. In the afternoon when she was filming in TVB City, Myolie's injury was red and swollen and even the make-up was not able to hide it, so she was trying different ways of hiding it from the camera. When the producer Cheung Kin Man found out about Myolie's injury, he immediately went to visit her in the studio and check on her wound. Finally he allowed Myolie time to go and see the doctor to dress and hide the wound.

It turns out that Myolie has been working endlessly for the past few days and has not had a good night's sleep and this has affected her concentration, leading to the accident. However Myolie is still able to laugh: "I was really sleepy at first, but after my knock I am wide awake now!"

After the accident, Myolie was worried that her appearance would be affected and immediately borrowed a mirror to check her face. Luckily it was just a surface injury and had just turned red. During filming yesterday, Michelle Ye offered her concerns and indicated that bleeding at the new year was a good omen because it means that the luck is upon you. Just like Charmaine who injured her chin at home one year and then shot to fame with endless work. Myolie immediately responded saying: "Let's hope that is true!"


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