Tuesday, February 03, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Sonija Kwok, Bobby Au-Yeung and Lui San were filming in Tseung Kwan O for series "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" despite the cold weather in a scene where Bobby and Sonija are dating and handing out flyers on the streets, when they meet with Lui San who play's Sonija's mother. She takes Sonija home for a scolding because Bobby was dating Sonija's elder sister (Eileen Yeow) in the show and they have a son Jacky. Sonija 'fell for' Bobby when Eileen's character dies in an accident, but this is met with disapproval from her family.

Sonija was asked whether her mother in reality was opposed to her dating, she says candidly: "This has never happened, because if I like it then my mother will like it too. However, when I was studying, my mother warned me that education was more important and not to start dating." In truth, Sonija is very mature and studying in a girls' school at the time, many of her friends were secretly dating, but she was not envious and even kept away from these schoolmates.

Also, due to the cold weather yesterday and despite wearing a big coat, Sonija also had some warm pads on the inside. Bobby also thanked the director for allowing him to wear a big coat in the scene, because he did not have any warm clothes underneath apart from one jumper. He also joked: "Today's scene is very exciting, there is hugging and kissing and a whole mouthful of 'bird's nest' (saliva)." When the reporters asked them to strike a hugging pose, they agreed immediately, as Bobby laughs: "With the weather so cold, it is good we can share our body heat. Haha!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Christine Ng and Claire Yiu accompanied two male competition winners to a lingerie store to buy presents for their girlfriends. Claire and Christine used their own experience to teach the two men how to choose underwear that was suitable for their girlfriends and Christine said openly that she has bought over 200 items of underwear from different places throughout the world, so in this field, she is an expert. When expert Christine saw Claire choosing a rather young set of underwear, she took the chance to crack a joke, saying: "She looks like she has not passed puberty yet!"

Christine reveals that she really does have over 200 items of underwear, the most expensive of which was made by hand and worth $5000. The most expensive nightgown she has is worth nearly $20,000. She says that she has a lot of experience in selecting lingerie and once thought about going into lingerie sales business and even creating her own lines, but she understands that business is not that easy, so she abandoned the project.

Lam Cho Fai also appeared at the event with Claire, but he was embarrassed and did not enter the store. Claire reveals that Cho Fai is afraid of being embarrassed, so he will not go and buy underwear with her. Claire is not afraid though and seeing that there is a men's department she went over to choose an item for Cho Fai. Claire says that when she was young, she did not know of the importance of underwear and often went to get her male cousin's underpants to wear. Only when she grew up did she understand the importance of underwear hygiene.

With this year's double spring and extra month, Claire admits she would like to marry Cho Fai and have kids, but they have both made an agreement that their work comes first and they will only get married after they have saved up enough.


[Additional from Oriental Daily]

Claire was asked if she would choose sexy underwear to seduce her boyfriend and she replied laughing: "I will, I like to wear black lacy bras because they are sexy and easy to match with clothes, so you can mix and match. They are also less prone to get dirty. When I am working I will wear something simpler and when I go on holiday, I will choose something sexier to satisfy myself. Last year I gave underwear to Christine as a birthday present and her husband thought it was great, because wearing it was almost like not wearing it!" When asked if boyfriend Lam Cho Fai has any particular tastes, Claire says: "He liked me not wearing anything... haha just joking, he doesn't really mind. (What will you be getting him for Valentines?) I was going to choose him a T-back, but he is very conservative and wears boxer shorts!"


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