Sunday, February 22, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

With rumours of TVB's latest money-saving proposition to turn its own artistes into singers and arrange for them to sing the series theme tunes, as a top female lead Charmaine Sheh says openly that if the rumours are true, then it is a good thing and she wholeheartedly agrees with it.

Appearing as a guest at a home design competition yesterday, Charmaine says: "If the company has such a policy, then I will have to put some effort into my practice. I did have some singing lessons earlier, so I will have to work harder." She says that for the artistes to sing the theme tunes, this will help the audience to become more absorbed and if this becomes an artiste's right then it will help with their development. But artistes are not singers, is she worried that they will be criticised? She says: "Give the artistes some time, gradually they will do it." As spokesperson for a real estate company, in response to the news that Miriam Yeung is moving into a luxury apartment, she says she is quite envious, but she has no plans to buy a property. She says: "The apartments here are too expensive, I will have to work hard for a few more years before I have the ability to buy. However, as the market is starting to pick up, I have thought about buying a property."

TVB chief Chan Chi Wan denies the news of a new department and says: "There is not to be a new department and we will not be releasing records. This is merely a new development in the artiste division as many artistes like singing, we are just giving them a chance to try it out. We have given artistes the chance to sing in the past, but they may not have the time to do it. If the artistes are good, then why not let them sing. This was a suggestion from the viewers and the artistes themselves have had an input also."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Flora Chan has been working non-stop for nine months last year and at the Chinese New Year, she took a month off to return to her home in the US. After the break she is full of strength and has gained 8 lbs and looking so much prettier with the weight gain. Soon, Flora will be heading out to Beijing to filming the mainland production of "Wong Fei Hung" where she will be playing 'Sap Sam Yee' (13th Aunt). Although many female stars have played this role in the past, Flora's version will be different and very good at Kung Fu. To Flora, this will be a great challenge.

However, for Flora who has no Kung Fu background, in order to make the result look good, she has not only been running to build up her stamina, she has also taken Kung Fu classes. Although she has only been practising for a short time, her performance is already very good. She says: "I have only been doing it for one day! This is the first time I am filming a mainland production and the salary is very satisfactory."

As well as filming in Beijing, Flora will also be heading to Singapore to do an English series. The language barrier is no problem for Flora, but it will still be a challenge and for these two series, she has lost out on the chance to make an ancient drama with TVB. As this is a long time wish for her, she feels a little disappointed that she is unable to fit this into her schedule. She says: "I will be heading out to Singapore on 1st March for the English show. I have not done a drama in English before, so it will be quite a challenge. I will be flying between Singapore and Beijing all the time and will be quite busy."


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