Saturday, February 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

When Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai were working together earlier on a movie, they stirred up rumours that sparked up Anita Yuen's jealousy and resulted in her watching over him as he filmed. As Julian and Gigi work together again appearing at the blessing ceremony for their new series "Water Margin Infernal Affairs", they both deny the Anita incident in the past as Gigi says: "From what I know nothing like this happened and it was a pointless report."

Working together with Julian again, is Gigi worried that they might spark some real chemistry? She says: "Beauties do not take what another loves." Spending Valentines Day filming with Julian, is she worried that Anita will come and watch over them? She says calmly: "It's nothing to do with it, I will just do my work." She also laughs: "But I have already prepared some candles to have a candle-lit dinner with Julian."

Gigi admits that she would like to receive flowers on Valentines Day and would like to have a surprise, but she has become more mature now and feels that flowers are an extravagance and receiving them on Valentines is not important any more.

In response to the 'surveillance' from Anita, Julian emphasises: "Nothing like this happened and if it did I have forgotten it." Afterwards, he praises Gigi for being a good partner and great fun and when asked if he was worried about Anita being jealous at them working again, he says: "Anita is not a very jealous person, so I am not worried." This year's Valentines Day will be spent working and Julian understands that as an artiste, you have no festivals. When asked what present he has bought Anita, he says: "I will not give her flowers, but give her something more everlasting."

Matt Yeung was absent from yesterday's event due to injury and producer Siu Hin Fai says: "He is on sick leave, but he is not seriously injured, just his face is a little swollen and the doctor has signed him off for ten days. I have spoken to him on the phone and his voice is full of life." As for the reports that Matt was the scapegoat for Bosco Wong, Bosco made a statement through his manager saying: "Bosco was at the Karaoke bar, but before the incident, he had already left and he had fun with his friends and didn't know of any incident, so he feels the reports are unfounded."

Also, when Halina Tam was asked to respond on news that her ex-boyfriend Sunny is now dating Law Ming Chu, she laughs: "I feel I should congratulate them when I read the reports, but I also sympathise with them because they have been photographed doing normal socialising. So even if I date someone from outside the industry, I will not say anything. (Do you feel jealous that your ex-boyfriend is dating again?) Of course not, we split up about three years ago and we are just friends now, meeting up from time to time."


As today is Valentines Day and as this is a good year for marriages in the Chinese calendar, many couples are fighting to get married this year and as a special souvenir, there are bids on the internet for the car registration number "HK 2004". Among the bidders is someone by the name of Patrick Tang King Wang, who has bid from a few tens of thousands of dollars to $100,000 and raising suspicions that he has the intention of marrying girlfriend Marsha Yuen this year?

Appearing with Patrick in a wedding gown advertisement, Rain Li has a different path in love to Patrick. Her longest rumour is with Raymond Lam, but during the shoot, she openly revealed: "The rumours between me and Raymond are not true! I am not dating at the moment as I am only twenty years old this year and I want to concentrate on my work."

As for Patrick who was photographed nose to nose with Marsha three years ago on Valentines Day, he was wearing a white suit and called out loudly and excitedly: "I am getting married!" and then when he saw Rain in her gown, he praised her saying: "Wow! You are quite pretty! (then calling out excitedly) I am getting married!"

When Patrick was quizzed about the wedding car number plate and whether this was an indication of his intentions to wed Marsha, he laughed out loud and said: "How would I? My new album was released yesterday (quick plug) called 'Moving In', so how can I get married so soon? However, that name is the same as that on my ID, that is some coincidence." Later Patrick contacted the winner of the number plate to borrow it for the shoot.

Afterwards, Patrick made a sincere promise to Marsha in front of the reporters: "In my heart, Marsha Yuen is the one to be my wife and if I am lucky enough to hold my third concert, then maybe I will propose to her on the stage." He adds: "I truly treasure our love and I still keep the paper with our photo in from three years ago as a momento."


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