Wednesday, February 04, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Ada Choi has been shooting some advertising stills for a Guangzhou casualwear company, but as she is currently filming for "Stand-up Sleuth", it has been hard work slotting the day's work into her schedule. When asked about whether the fee was worth her rush, she smiles: "Of course it isn't bad! As this is my first advertisement of 2004, then a good fee is a start, because I have also taken on other jobs for advertisements, including skincare, shampoo and fashion."

When asked about her trip, she says: "On that day, I had to go into Guangzhou late at night, then the next day we were shooting from very early before having to rush back to Hong Kong in the evening for filming. I didn't even have time to go for dinner with my sponsors. However I am very happy with the ads this time and as well as my uncle doing my hair for me, the sponsors have put a lot of money into it, so it was worth the hard work."

Also, Ada's series "Armed Reaction IV" will be airing in Mid-February and Ada is quite excited about this: "This time we have Frankie Lam and Yoyo Mung, who have a four-party love affair with me and Bobby and create some sparks. I believe that this has made the show stronger and more gelled. (Do you have high hopes for the ratings?) I daren't think about it really, as long as I have worked hard, that is all that matters, but I feel this show was OK and it should do better than the last series."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Michelle Ye's birthday is on the 14th February, but she sighs that ever since entering the industry, she has not had a Valentine to share her birthday with, so this year, even if she does not have to work, she will just be going out with a big group of friends to Karaoke and celebrate. She laughs: "It's so bad! Ever since entering showbiz, every year has been without a Valentine, just busy filming, no wonder no-one is chasing me if I am always working! I have sold my body to the comapny, so the company managers should help me find a boyfriend as well." Currently filming for "Destinies of the Western Chamber", she says that if she has to film on that day, then she will be celebrating in the studio with Kenneth Ma, who has his birthday on February 13th. As for birthday wishes, she says: "I hope that everyone is healthy and I have a lover next year. I will be 24 and my wrinkles are starting to appear, so I will have to try harder!"

Will she object to dating a fellow artiste? She says: "I don't mind, I do not discriminate against other people's occupations, it's all down to destiny!" However, she reveals that on Valentine's Day last year, a Taiwanese fan sent her 999 roses and this was a lovely surprise.

Has she had her fortune read about romance? Michelle says: "The fortune reader says that I will not find my true romance until I am thirty and those that I meet before that will not be real. So I am thinking of asking Myolie Wu to be my matchmaker because she helped to pair up a friend before and I hope that she can introduce me to a good man. She has good taste and I believe in her."


[The Sun]

Continuing her role as spokesperson for Starrywood fashion, Shirley Yeung has filmed a set of promotional shots for their summer range, but the temperatures on that day fell sharply and it suddenly started raining heavily, so the crew had to improvise and move into a studio to carry on. Afterwards, Shirley said that it is not the first time that the skies have turned on her during a photoshoot: "Last time when we were filming the Autumn collection, we met with a Typhoon 8 and now we are faced with seasonal gales, it is such a coincidence."

Although they were in a makeshift base, this did not affect Shirley's performance as she followed the instructions of the photographer, jumping and stretching and being blown by a fan! Seeing her so 'summery' is she not afraid of catching cold again? She replied confidently: "No, I am not so weak! Anyway the crew have all prepared a lot of warm packs for me and a big coat, so I should get by okay." The sponsors praise Shirley for her professionalism and are considering asking her to do a TV ad for them.


[Summarised from Oriental Daily]

Jerry Lam (Ah Lo) is an avid dog lover and sees his dogs as his children, however, he was devastated when two of his dogs that were being looked after by a pet shop were bitten to death by another resident black dog within the space of a month. Jerry had left the dogs at the kennels for safekeeping whilst he was busy looking after his newborn son and felt confident that his dogs would be well looked after as the store was frequented by many other artistes, such as Eason Chan, Jade Kwan and Sheila Chan. However, on the 9th December, one of the dogs there suddenly lost its mind and bit Jerry's dog Jammy on the neck, killing him. Despite requesting his remaining two dogs Jimmy and Dong Dong be separated from the vicious dog, Jerry received the news on Chinese New Year's day that Jimmy had also been bitten to death by the same dog.

Jerry says that he and his wife Lily were very angry and wanted to complain, but because the store had to look after a number of animals from the SAA (Society for Abandoned Animals) and they did not want the handler to lose their job, they decided to let it drop and just move Dong Dong to another kennel. He says: "They have been cremated now, but I have not kept the ashes because they will just bring back the horrible memories. Instead, I have kept the toys that they liked to play with."


[Ta Kung Pao]

After the success of her last music special, Kelly Chen has decided to make another one filming location again in the borrowed luxury home in Stanley. The special will tell of two rich guys who live in the house, played by Shek Sau and Joe Ma, where Shek believes that money can buy lobe, but Joe does not agree and chooses to become a waiter in a Stanley cafe bar to test Kelly. Of course Joe will win the beauty in the end.

When asked if she has been blasted with material gifts from eligible bachelors, Kelly says she has never experienced this as she has not had many pursuants since entering the industry. Talking of the beautiful house they are filming in, is Kelly interested in following in Miriam Yeung's footsteps and buying one for herself? She laughs that the apartments are very expensive, but are very peaceful and are excellent for rest and relaxation. The best thing would be if she could be given one by the developers in exchange for making an advertisement, or if it was half price, she would buy two.

Also, having kissed Kelly on the forehead when he last worked with her, will Joe Ma be getting any closer this time? He laughs: "There are no kiss scenes this time, just a deep embrace. Actually I am very happy to be working with Kelly again because my wife and I like to listen to her songs and I have brought her albums along for her to autograph as a souvenir." As for whether he is interested in buying a luxury home, he says: "Where do I find so much money from! I couldn't even buy it if it was a special offer at 10% of the price, I have heard that just the monthly maintenence fees are a few tens of thousands of dollars!"


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