Monday, February 16, 2004

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After TVB artiste Matt Yeung was beaten up in a Karaoke bar, there are reports that Bosco Wong was present and an incident also involving a girl led to Matt's ordeal. Appearing at a promotion yesterday, Bosco denies that he was involved in an argument: "I was in the next room to Matt that night, together with some former schoolfriends, but there was no scuffle as they were all friends I have known for over ten years. Why would there be any trouble?" He says that when he heard the reports afterwards, he was very shocked and will follow the advice of the company in the future, staying away from the late clubs. He adds that since gaining some popularity, there have been gains and losses as being known is a good thing, but it also brings a lot of inconveniences. Bosco says that he has called Matt since, but has not had time to go and visit him.

Is Bosco worried that being linked with the incident will have an adverse effect on his image? He says that he cannot worry about this, but he has been questioned about the incident by TVB and he has told them all he knows. The company has suggested that he should be more careful in the future. Taking part in the Miss HK promotions, Bosco was asked what is secret is to communicating with pretty girls. He laughs: "Tell Sammul Chan to use his good looks to attract them." He mocks himself by saying he is not handsome and can only pull down his top to show a bit of shoulder to attract the girls.

With recent rumours linking Bosco Wong to Stephanie Wang and suggestions that she is often flirting with him, Bosco does not seem to be interested in her presence: "We are not dating and I have never asked her out, we have just called each other a few times."

Also at the event was Ron Ng who was the most popular one there, receiving hugs and kisses from fans as he played games and seemingly a little embarrassed by the situation.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

The "Miss Hong Kong 2004 Pageant" will be taking place on 13th August and after the overseas recruitment campaign earlier, the organisers will be heading into the local arena in Hong Kong for another recruitment drive in mid-March. What will be different this year is that an outside broadcast team will be heading to many places to try and seek out some pretty girls to enter the competition after recommendations from the public. At the press conference yesterday, the hosts of this show nicknamed "The B.E.S.T Team" were introduced and includes seven girls and eight guys. All the girls have hailed from Miss Hong Kong and include Mandy Cho and Shirley Yeung. The male team include Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam and Sammul Chan. Some representatives appeared in their 'uniforms' yesterday as they received their 'mission' from the event's deputy production manager Rosa Chan.

When Bosco and Raymond met up, they were in good spirits, seemingly unaffected by their recent press. The assistant production manager Wong Ka Leung indicate that this campaign marks a new meaning to the Miss Hong Kong pageant and after tip-offs from the public, this team will be heading out to their targets to convince the girls into taking part. The six men in the group will also be the 'Olympic Ambassadors'.

Mandy Cho indicates that she hopes that she will find a contestant that she can hand over the crown to and will be talking her friends into taking part. As for Shirley Yeung, she will try and persuade some of her juniors from her secondary school to join in because they have the intelligence as well as the beauty and will be a high standard.

Raymond Lam has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery recently and he feels this is very amusing insisting that he would not even have any facial beauty treatments. He says that the reason why he looked strange at the promotion for "Wandering Hero Medics" was down to the medicine he was taking for an allergy that makes him look sunken. Also as he easily puts on and loses weight, he looks very different after losing a few pounds. When he looked back at the photos, he did see the difference, but to say he had had surgery was a little overexaggerated. His brother and father both have nasal allergies and it is difficult to treat. When asked if he would consider surgery, he says that he has decided his path and will not be heading along the route of pretty boy, as he would like to become a character actor so he does not ask for much from his looks as long as it looks comfortable. Basically, he is more unhappy about his height as he would like to be taller. When asked if he would accept his girlfriend having cosmetic surgery, he laughs: "The best thing would be not to let me know, because anything is better being more natural."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Patrick Tang appeared at an interview yesterday wearing black and when asked if he was supporting the 'Wear black' protests against TVB, he denied this saying htat he has a management contract with TVB and their cutbacks do not affect him. As for when his contract expires at the end of the year, he will be discussing his contract renewal later in the year.

Many people think that Patrick is managed by Paco Wong's 'Gold Label' Management Company, but in fact it is only his recording contract that is with 'Gold Label'. As he is under TVB management, they will take a cut of all his external work. As for Paco, then of course he hopes that Patrick's new album will do well as this would be beneficial to 'Gold', especially as he feels that there is plenty of space to expand in at the moment.

Patrick says that the album he will be releasing in the future will be very important to him. Will this be a deciding factor as to whether he will continue to work with Paco Wong? He responds directly that he did not say that and would like to continue working with Paco, but TVB is also important as there is still a year to his contract ahd will be thinking through his decisions during this time. With suggestions that TVB is not giving him many opportunities, Patrick says that he needs TVB a lot and although he is not looking to become a superstar, he would still like to survive in this industry.


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Leung Si Ho ended his eleven year employment with TVB yesterday as he returned to TVB City to return his employee pass, but as he had forgotten to return his parking permit, TVB fined him $100 leaving him with more bad words to say about TVB's heartlessness. Si Ho revealed: "I didn't have my wallet on me, so I said I would send them a cheque, but they said that they couldn't accept that. Luckily the reporters were on hand to lend me the money and at that point I really felt how cruel TVB are. I never realsied that a piece of paper at TVB was so expensive and I wanted to just leave at the time, but was worried that TVB would chase me for it." Wearing a black shirt to support the 'Wear Black 216' protest at TVB he said defiantly: "I hope taht the company will hear the silent words and not let go of their staff so easily, people like me who are not a financial burden to them, with no benefits, no holidays, no insurance or pension. Without me, they are just saving a locker and a parking space, but I must thank TVB for all their development over the year. Before the competition is rife, I am discussing a few other jobs at the moment with some paid TV channels and some publishers."

As he left TVB City, Si Ho waved goodbye to the company and was asked if he would miss it. He replied: "They are not worth me missing them."

TVB staff are protesting against the cutbacks despite profits with 'Wear Black 216' and there have been many supporters all turning up to work wearing black and covering the canteen in a sea of black cloth. Deputy President of the TVB Workers Association Chan Wah Chi was happy with the result and said: "We have not counted how many people are supporting us, but they are all voluntarily taking part." There is also a petition being raised and when asked if they were concerned about being reprimanded later, Chan says that they are not taking part in illegal or disloyal activities, merely airing their views and so he is not worried.

Artiste Tang Chi Fung indicated that he had wore black to support the protest, but as he had to film, he had to change into a blue suit at the request of the sponsor. He says: "If I sign for one show a year, it would affect me quite badly because I have to support my family. I will be renewing my contract in September and discussing it around June, so for the next few months, I will need to show my worth."

Flora Chan says: "If the company has to hand out redundancies, then we cannot affect it, we can just hope that we will face it optimistically as maybe the path will be better ahead."

Production department chief Wong Kei was asked if TVB had closed one of the ancient studio sets, but he said: "No there have been no cuts, the productions are just as high and the reports are wrong." When asked if he was retiring at the request of the company? Mr Wong laughed and said: "Why don't you ask the company? If they tell me to retire, then of course I have to retire." With rumours that he has been asked to retire by the company, prodcuer Lee Tim Sing said yesterday: "That Chan Chi Wan can say it all, I am still only in my fifties and don't care too much. I am very relaxed!"


[The Sun]

Angela Tong and Jack Wu recently filmed a travel show in Switzerland and couldn't stop praising the country after they returned. Angela says: "Apart from the lovely weather there, it is full of culture and every girl in the street is very pretty because the living environment in the cities is high quality. It is fantastic and I was really tempted to emigrate there to have the time of my life!"


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