Tuesday, February 24, 2004

[The Sun]

Ada Choi was filming yesterday with Dayo Wong, Michael Tong and Belinda Hamnett for "Stand-up Sleuth" and she revealed that she will be taking five days out to film a movie in Australia and heading out today. Dayo laughed that she has 'many paths', with advertisements and films making her some money: "Ada is an invisible rich lady! I suspect she is the richest female artiste out of them all, a 'Kung Yu Sum of TVB'!" [Em's note: Kung is one of HK's richest women.] Rather put out by this, Ada returned the comment and revealed that Dayo is also fairly wealthy: "Dayo has a car, has a chauffeur and two apartments. Although he is ugly, he still knows how to make money. All my money is covered in blood and sweat, it is very hard work!" Talking of her show "Armed Reaction IV" achieving 29 points in its first week, Ada says she is not too happy about this: "I thought it would get at least 30 points, but I am confident it will rise."

Dayo also revealed that yesterday was his mother's birthday and he will be giving her money as a present. He says: "Because she is in Canada, so I will be sending her money as a birthday. (When will you be getting married? Why don't you give her a daughter-in-law instead?) My mum has given up on this front, but luckily my brothers and sisters have satisfied her on this front and I can hang on for another ten years. (Will your girlfriend be able to 'hang on'?) The first day I met her, she knew I was a drifter. We don't hide anything from each other and not getting married doesn't mean I am unhappy."


[The Sun]

"Virtues of Harmony" will be undergoing some major cast changes, losing some of the more expensive leading cast and the first to go will be Cutie Mui as the storyline arranges for her to go and study abroad. Her place will be filled by the newly crowned Miss Chinese International Linda Chung. As "Virtues" head towards three hundred episodes, there will be a string of new cast members added. Hawick Lau and Law Ho Kai start filming on Friday but the biggest surprise is that Bondy Chiu's character will mistake Cutie and Michael of having an affair and Cutie's character will avoid awkwardness by going to study abroad. To this surprise arrangement, everyone is rather surprised.

Reports indicate that the reasons for this change is to save money by allowing some of the more expensive over-resourced artistes to 'take a break'. Although Cutie's attitude to work has been praised and she is a prized artiste on Catherine Tsang's books, she has not been able to escape the cut. Also, as "Virtues" has a ratings guarantee, then introducing the lower paid newcomers creates a perfect training environment for them. Linda Chung, who was praised by TVB boss Mona Fong will be stepping into Cutie's shoes as the company accountant.

When Hawick Lau was called yesterday, he admitted that he would be returning to work on "Virtues" and said: "I went to dye my hair especially today for my new image. (There are rumours there will be a lot of new blood.) As well as myself and Lo Ho Kai, there should be others." When Cutie was called, she said she would call back, but at time of press she had not called back.


[Ming Pao]

Michael Tong's performance in "The Quick Step of Passion" last week where he was shown romping with Sheren Tang was the target of many complaints due to the scenes being too racy. Michael says that he is just a small artiste and his responsibility is to do his work to the best of his ability. He says that before the filming, the artistes and the director had discussed the scenes in depth and looked into the best way of filming it. Were the discussions to prevent him being accused of taking advantage? Michael says that he was not worried about this because he knows both Sheren and Jay Lau very well and there were many pairs of eyes watching them filming.


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