Friday, February 20, 2004

[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

A group of cast members from 'Lady Fan' including Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Shek Sau, Cherie Kong and Cindy Au arrived at the Che Kung Temple in Shatin yesterday to pray for luck as well as a promotion for ratings and at the time a group of primary schoolchildren were there on a school trip. The kids crowded round Joe and Jessica asking for photographs and autographs and the two complied with their wishes. Afterwards, the cast members turned the windmill inside the temple for good luck and again raised a crowd.

This is Jessica's first visit to the Che Kung temple and she says that since entering the entertainment industry, she has learned a lot about worshipping the gods and the year gods. Jessica laughs that when she was young, she once asked her father what religion they were and her father said: "Fan Gau Lo!" [Em's note: play on words 'Gau' means religion, but 'Fan Gau' means sleeping!] When asked by reporters if she will be asking for a good romance from the fortune sticks, Jessica says that she didn't even know about the sticks, but she hopes for good ratings, her work to run smoothly and good health. Earlier, she was ill for a whole week and had to go to see a doctor. However she was too busy and did not get enough time to rest, so she will have to wait until filming finishes before she can regain her health. Having dated her dentist boyfriend for three months, Jessica says that if she requests a fortune stick, she will not ask about romance because she will be afraid if it is a bad result. She feels that some things are better off not knowing and just going along with the flow.

Joe Ma indicates that he does not follow any particular religion and only offers prayers to the gods when he is attending a filming blessing. As for his popularity with the schoolchildren, Joe says that maybe because he is currently filming "Family of Five" with a group of child actors, so he has been infected by some of their innocence. Joe seems to love children, but in the show, he is an uncle and has to keep a serious tone. At home on the other hand, Joe is a good father, whereas his wife is the stricter parent to his son.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

For the past six years, Nnadia has taken the winner of the TV section of Singapore's "Student Idol Vote", but just as she is about to take the award for the seventh time, her fans have decided to donate the money used to vote to a children's charity instead. Nnadia does not mind this at all and has personally written to her fans, praising them for their positive and generous action. According to Nnadia's Singapore Fan Club representative Miss Lau, they had supported their idol by voting her her in the past. However, seeing the state of the world at the moment, they have decided to donate a sum of money to charity in Nnadia's name instead to bring some warmth to the world's misfortunes. The fans taking part in this gesture were left to choose how much they wished to donate, resulting in a total amount raised of S$10,000 (HK$50,000).

In response to the charity of her fans, Nnadia says she is very proud and touched, so she has written a personal letter to praise them. Talking of fans donating money to show support for their idols, Nnadia says that this may result in her not getting enough votes to win this year's election, but she says graciously: "Personal honour is the lesser me, contributing to society is the greater me, so to be able to help the unfortunate children makes me even happier than any award." Nnadia adds that she has always wanted to set up a charity trust so that she can help some less fortunate people in the world, but this has been taken on by her fans already. She hopes that this will be a good beginning and this love will be able to spread from Singapore to the rest of the world.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Mandy Cho, together with Priscilla Chik, Selena Li and Carrie Lee will be taking part in a charity event tonight and putting on a display of fancy footwork with the Chinese kicking shuttle. The girls were practising in TVB City yesterday and although they were trying very hard, their co-ordination seemed rather poor as they found it a little difficult.

When asked if this was their first rehearsal, they said that they had actually been practising a few times as Mandy indicated: "I have already played with it when I was young, but I didn't really know how to kick it. However to raise money for charity, we have tried very hard and we are not just kicking it, we will be doing some fancy moves as well. There shouldn't be a problem when the real show happens." Mandy also says that she is confident that this item will raise a satisfactory amount.


[Oriental Daily]

Since splitting up with ex-boyfriend Sunny Wong, Halina Tam has not found a new love and is living alone in a Sai Kung apartment. Earlier, Halina was spotted driving her Mercedes out to the $8000 a month apartments on Tuen Mun's Gold Coast to take a look around, accompanied by two executives from the real estate company. Under the beaming sunshine, Halina wore a polo neck so she first headed into McDonalds to buy an ice cream before sitting on the promenade looking out at the beautiful coastline and enjoying the sea breeze. Just as she finished eating, the two executives arrived and they headed off to the clubhouse for afternoon tea and dim sum.

Halina looked around an $8000 a month 600 square foot apartment and also a 3000 square foot $50000 a month apartment. Whilst looking around, she spotted the reporters and openly greeted them before admitting that she is interested in moving home. When she was asked if she was interested in the $50000 a month apartment, she laughed and said: "Do you think I am rich? Maybe in a few years time!"

She says that she would like to rent the $8000 apartment as she says: "I have lived for a while in the village houses and I would like to live in an apartment again. The rent here is very reasonable as the $8000 includes all the furnishings, electrical items and even the crockery and decoration. Also there are cleaners and maids who can make you soup, so it is very convenient and I really like it." Does she intend on living alone? Halina shakes her head and says: "No, there is another guy that is my little dog. However, I don't think they allow pets here, so I will have to check it out. If they don't allow it, then I will have to look for another place."


[Oriental Daily]

After several days of rest following his incident where he was beaten by ten men, Matt Yeung returned to work early yesterday to continue filming on "Water Margin Infernal Affairs". A number of scars could be seen on Matt's face and there was an injury to his right temple that was starting to form a scab. A bruise below his right eye was still fading, but his other injuries are no longer swelling. The injury to his left arm that still have his stitches in were patched over and Matt indicates it is still quite painful, so he has requested the director to allow him to film the non-action scenes first.

As Matt's injuries are healing quite quickly, he has returned from his sick leave early as he does not want to hinder progress with filming. As he can barely move his arm due to the injury, his scene where he is beaten up by ruffians will be postponed. Matt's make up artist had inspected his injuries earlier and prepared some special treatment for him as well as using several plasters to cover the scars and then covering these with concealer. Just the make-up process took nearly twenty minutes, so after his face was covered up, he had to rush and get changed quickly.

During this time, Matt indicated that when he was having his wounds treated in hospital on that day, the stitches were extremely painful and his sister who is a nurse was there to take care of him. Worried that her brother will have to suffer more pain, she has offered to remove the stitches for him at home. When asked if his family were worried about him, Matt says: "My dad told me not to go out at night... the company does not encourage me to go out either and recently I have not been out, just practising my singing at home. However I will not be afraid, after all it was not my fault. A lot of people have told me that Bosco was there as well and have asked about me. I have learned a lesson and I will choose a karaoke bar that has a private bathroom so I am not spotted and avoid some trouble."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan were married earlier in Australia and afterwards have been approached by a number of wedding studios eager to take their wedding photos for them. After much selection, they have chosen the highest bidder the Mona Lisa Studios and as well as earning a hefty sum for their efforts, they have also received a free set of wedding photos in the deal.

Four or five years ago, Nick and Esther had already shot a set of wedding photographs for an advertisement and in order to save the hassle of getting dressed up and a day of shots, Nick had suggested to his wife that maybe they should just use that old set and be done with it. Met with a frosty "You can't do that, no chance!" from Esther, Nick daren't say another word and quietly followed his wife's arrangements.

On the day of the shoot, Nick seemed very tired after several days of filming action shots for his latest movie and whilst waiting for the change of sets, he couldn't help dropping off. However, after the shoot, Nick admitted that the feeling was very different because maybe he felt that their identities were different now and it felt more special than just doing an ad in the previous sessions. Although he was very happy with the results, he does not want to overdo the romance, so he will not allow his wife to hang a picture in their bedroom.

After getting married, Nick's finances have not landed in the hands of his wife as he reveals his wife only uses his money occasionally. He laughs: "We don't have very much money, so she has no need to look after it."


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