Thursday, February 05, 2004

[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

Earlier, Cindy Au played the lead part in telemovie "Mo Pai Sum Sei Goon" (Fake King of Lawyers), but on the last day of filming in Hengdian and in the cold weather and drizzly rain, she was met with a mainland actor who was suspected of trying to grope her, but she did not complain or struggle at the time. When boyfriend Roger Kwok found out, he said angrily: "You should have slapped him!".

The incident happened a while ago, when Cindy, Cheung Tat Ming and Kingdom Yuen were in Hengdian for four days filming the show. On the last day of filming, the story told of Cindy exercising a plan for her boss Tat Ming where she had to seduced one of the local cast members to get some information from him. The director instructed Cindy to sit on this man's lap and act flirtatiously, but when she wasn't looking, he landed a hand on her chest. At first, Cindy's manager thought it was just an accident, but when the manager left the scene, the actor carried on and groped Cindy.

Appearing at a promotional event for "Lady Fan" yesterday, Cindy mentioned the incident and said that she did not react strongly at the time because she felt that as it was the last day of filming, very cold and raining, and wearing just a thin costume, she did not want to hold up the filming and delay the crew from finishing work.

Her manager by her side supported Cindy's story saying: "I can prove that this incident happened, silly girl, why didn't you call out?" Cindy looked helpless as she said: "Only when I got back to the dormitory did I call my manager to tell her about this!" She continues: "Afterwards during the filming I tried to keep away from him, so if he went east, I headed west to evade him." As her boyfriend, Roger Kwok was very angry when he found out about this and Cindy says that Roger's reaction was the most extreme as he said: "Why didn't you slap him? That is the right of all females."


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