Monday, February 02, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Star Wars - a classic science fiction fantasy film that has attracted many fans to the characters of the series, Sam Chan (Shek Jai) is among their biggest fans. Just laying out his collection of Star Wars memorabilia takes him over ten minutes, showing his fascination with the show. As we talk from Star Wars to his university life and personal outlook, we find that although Sam is just a big kid, he has matured far more than we can imagine.

The story in Star Wars is a twisting fantasy, but the attraction for Sam is in the deeper philosophy in the plot. He says: "As I grow up, I have understood that there is never true good and evil in the story, there is just the right and wrong path that you choose yourself. It is the same when you talk about the meaning of life as Star Wars encompasses many philosophies of living within the storylines."

Sam says that he is just a big kid, because everyone has an element of the child in them, even if they are in their forties and fifties. He is particularly playful, because when you are met with so many stresses of life and work, playing is the best stress-reliever. Playing the saxaphone is one of the best ways of relaxing for Sam. Most people think that Sam was affected by his father into learning to play, but in fact it is the opposite in this case as Shek Sau learned to play after seeing his son playing. Sam says: "Dad has always been interested in music and when I didn't take the saxaphone over to the UK when I went to university, my dad was worried that it would get dusty, so he asked me on the phone how to make a sound on it and then he taught himself to play and he is now very good at it."

To enter university is every student's dream and Sam truly understands this point. After many hardships, he went to study at university in the UK and appreciating that being able to study abroad does not come easy and not wanting to waste the money and hopes that his family have invested in him, he worked hard at his studies. He says that his uncles are in the UK and they are all either engineers or doctors, so they cared for him a lot, but placed an invisible pressure on him. In order that they were not disappointed, he worked hard and graduated with a second class honours, a respectable result to his family and to himself.

Although life at university was tough, Sam did not falter with the hardship as he says: "I didn't really like going out at night and loved to go to the opera. Also, because I was studying Art and Design, I was always going to exhibitions to look for creative inspiration." He continues: "I would go travelling a lot as well, leaving many footprints in Spain, Greece and France." You wouldn't know, but it turns out that Sam loves cooking and likes to go shopping in large supermarkets. He would regularly get a big group of friends together to have a dinner party or BBQ and have a good time.

During the shoot, Sam was whistling throughout and was laughed at with the suggestion he was always whistling at the girls. However, as he faced the lights and cameras, he would undergo a 360 degree transformation with a professional attitude to the shoot, doing as the photographer instructed, showing off his great smile and leading the cameraman to comment: "Shek Jai, you do look good when you smile!". This is Sam Chan Yu Sum.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Kiki Sheung, Ron Ng and Myolie Wu were filming yesterday for "Destinies of the Western Chamber".

Kiki, who loves to eat chicken was recently presented with a village speciality chicken by her godbrother and another friend brought her a free range chicken from Shenzhen, so even in these tough times, she is still able to enjoy her chicken dishes. Ron however was rather worried for her, but Kiki had no fear as she says: "This chicken was reared by them personally and with their thought, I could not turn it away." Ron warns Kiki that she should never eat the chicken tail, because there are a lot of germs there. Kiki laughs that if the situation does not improve, she will change to eating fish and become the 'fish queen' instead.

With the approach of Valentines Day, Ron says that he dated when he was still a dancer, but in the three years he has been acting, he has not had a lover. With the suggestion he should find a girlfriend from the industry, Ron admits that he does not want to date anyone from the showbiz industry because working in the same field would make life boring for them. Some people feel that he is very compatible with Tavia Yeung, but he says there is no chance between them because they have known each other for over five years now and they know each other too well.

Also, Myolie Wu will be spending her Valentines Day working as she laughs: "On that day, I will be admiring the lanterns in the studio with Ron, because he plays a lantern-maker and there are a lot of lanterns in the studio." Since entering the industry, Myolie has never been able to spend Valentines day with her boyfriend, but luckily he understands. She smiles: "I feel that I am not a good girlfriend, because I will not be dependent on him." She also says that she is a bit of a tomboy, but this is what her boyfriend likes about her. She will be buying a present for him to make up for it, but she has not decided what to buy yet.


[Ta Kung Pao]

With 'Pepsi blood' flowing through his veins, Aaron Kwok was attending a promotional event and during his dance routine, he displayed a little belly dancing as well as lifting up his top to show off his belly button and leaving his fans in awe. When asked about this afterwards, Aaron says that he has been away from the stage for a while now, so he hopes to remind his fans of his talents. As for the shirt-lifting, he says this was a spur of the moment gesture that came from the heart. Preparing for his concert in October of this year, Aaron indicates that he will be appearing on best form with lots of great dance routines and a show of his pecs that he is currently training. He claims that this show will be a self-defying, sexy, vivacious performance that will be well worth waiting for.

Recently romantically linked with this year's Miss Hong Kong winner Mandy Cho, Aaron was asked about Mandy's earlier declaration that she would not turn down a date with him. Would he be inviting her out on a date? He laughs and responds: "I don't have her number, I forgot to ask her for it!" Then he claims that he is shy and frightened, but is full of praises for Mandy, saying she is a good girl, beautiful and cute with a lovely smile. Aaron then laughed: "Maybe my manager can get in touch with TVB and arrange a date with Mandy, then we will call the press to join us, because everyone is so enthusiastic and sincere, I will have to think carefully about this!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Kingdom Yuen was dressed in a student costume to film for "Virtues of Harmony", wearing a blue chipao dress and thermal leggings, herappearance emphasised her thighs and bottom, but she didn't mind and jeered at herself saying that she had 'goose neck, chicken breast, duck tail and elephant legs'. Kingdom says: "Actually I did want to lose some weight of my bottom before, but an expert said that I have a duck bottom and this is good for making money, so I decided against losing the weight off my behind and decided to maintain it instead!" It turns out that at its fullest, Kingdom's bottom reached 40 inches, but now it is 38 inches and she told the reporters to pat her bottome to see if it was elastic enough. She laughs: "I am very filial to my parents and the heavens will repay me well!"

Also, Kingdom recently revealed that she is opening a restaurant and this is to be a collaboration with a noodle shop owner to open another branch. As this restaurant already has a reputation, she is confident that she will not lose money. She laughs: "I have to look after my parents, so I will be very careful with my investments and cannot lose money. However, I am sure I will have good returns this time."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Sunny Chan's actions have always been rather mysterious and yesterday in an interview with Cha Siu Yan, as they talked of his plans to marry girlfriend Ada To at the end of February, he made an ominous remark: "The end of this month, we have even planned the traffic accident." At which point Siu Yan told him that he might be tempting fate. Sunny also revealed that his wedding will be simple, so there will not be a big ceremony, banquet, honeymoon or even a wedding ring. He explains: "The most important thing is that we are together, I will not be having a banquet, just getting together three or four tables of family and good friends for a meal. When we register, we will not be wearing any special outfits and I have read that wearing metal signifies possession. I do not wish to possess anything, so the apartment is in my girlfriend's name, the car is in my sister's name and even my credit card is a secondary card from my girlfriend." He has already given a watch to his fiancee as a gift instead.


[The Sun]

Maggie Cheung made a trip earlier to Shanghai and Phuket in Thailand, but despite rumours of sightings in Phuket, when she returned to Hong Kong, she denied having been there and was faced with reports that she was lying to the press. Yesterday, Maggie revealed photographs of her in a bikini in Phuket and said: "In fact from beginning to end I had never denied going to Phuket, I feel that going on holiday is a happy thing, so I took a lot of photos to share with everyone when I got back, but as soon as I got back I was faced with questions about whether I was petting with a man in Phuket. I found this to be rather rude and surprising, so I didn't want to respond very seriously to you and thought that I would be witty with you and say that I was on the beach with a Kenyan prince! Then I am branded as being a liar, that just makes me so frustrated."

When asked if she was with Samm Chan, she laughed: "There were a lot of friends with me, Shanghai boyfriend and Thailand boyfriend as well."


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