Tuesday, February 10, 2004

[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

TVB series "Armed Reaction IV" will be airing after "Vigilante in the Mask" next week and a group of cast members including Ada Choi, Bobby Au-Yeung, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai and Yoyo Mung assembled at a War Game centre in Tai Po for a promotional event. However, a traffic accident meant that most of them were delayed by an hour and a half and poor Yoyo who arrived early had to wait for everyone to arrive. For Yoyo, this is her first appearance in the AR series and appearing in camouflage gear coupled with high heels at the event, she caused a few laughs. How was she going to go out and fight? Yoyo explains that she didn't realise that they really had to go and play the game and her own hygiene habits mean that she will not wear other people's shoes without wearing socks. As a result she didn't want to win, because that would mean she would have to carry on fighting. Bobby couldn't stop laughing at her appearance and ended up being chased by Yoyo as they stirred up the atmosphere.

Playful Bobby then moved his target from Yoyo to Marco Ngai, landing him a kick as was sprawled on the floor aiming at a target and then later when Marco was posing for a photo, he poured water over his 'privates', causing Marco to be rather annoyed and rather amused at the same time.

As each series of this show has had good ratings, having once broken the 40 points mark, Bobby was asked if he had high hopes for the show, Bobby replied cheekily saying he was totally confident. Although many shows have not had very good results, he is not worried about it affecting him: "Ratings follow the people and not the trends." Is he aiming this statement at Deric Wan? Bobby immediately turned his statement around and laughed that with Deric being so good, his ratings will be great as well. So how many ratings points is he hoping for? "Hoping for the twenties, forties would be good, but with everyone else in the twenties, then high twenties would be good and if it passes thirty, I want a pay rise." Bobby was recovering from a cold yesterday, so his voice was rather hoarse as he says: "With two shows one after another, I think it is time for some rest. I hope that the new series I am filming in April is a mute, so it will let me rest!"

Marco Ngai was among those caught in the traffic and when he arrived, he reveals: "There was a multiple car crash in front and we were stuck in a jam for over an hour and I was so desperate that I had to get out of my car to have a pee!"

Ada Choi also arrived late and thinking that she was the last to arrive, she was very nervous to begin with and apologised to everyone. Later when she found out that the jam was due to a traffic accident, she relaxed a little. When asked how she would be spending Valentines Day this Saturday, Ada says that if she isn't spending it with the cast of AR4, then she will be with the cast of "Stand-up Sleuth" because she has been busy with the work for these two shows lately. She even seemed to get the date wrong, thinking that Valentines Day was in July and then saying: "TVB has already arranged a lot of Valentines for me, such as Michael Tong and Dayo Wong." Later she found out that she had got the date for Valentines Day (14th Feb) and the Chinese Ghost Festival (14th July) mixed up.


[Ta Kung Pao]

With his popularity rising since the airing of "Triumph in the Skies", Joe Ma's tall figure and healthy image has been well accepted and attracted him a six-figure fee for his real estate spokesperson contract. Yesterday at a promotional event, Joe showed off his skills as 'housewife killer' as he demonstrated some aerobics and made a salad, attracting many mature lady fans to support him. Some fans even called out: "You are very handsome and suave!" as other housewifes gave him lucky packets in exchange for his autograph. Joe complied with all requests and wore a broad smile throughout, to the joy of his fans and receiving a warm welcome.

In response to being dubbed the new generation of 'housewife killer', Joe indicated modestly that he was lucky to have made "Triumph" and a good character. As for his fan base being similar to Leon Lai's, Joe says modestly: "I am not as good as Leon, but I hope that more people will like me." Talking of an increase in his income and whether he has thought of buying a new property, Joe was very loyal and started promoting his own advertisements, saying he likes this estate because it has fresh air and is convenient for transport, a perfect home.


[Oriental Daily]

Every four years, the Olympic Games will raise a stir across the globe and in the past, TVB has always recruited a top star as their "Olympic Star", such as Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok to sing their Olympic theme and this has become something of a status symbol. However, this year's "Olympic Star" selection has broken the tradition somewhat and has been given to the handsome newcomers group S4 (Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma) together with the other two up and coming male leads Chris Lai and Raymond Lam. TVB will be actively promoting them and building on the drawing power of the six young men for the series of promotional events. As for the Olympic coverage hosts, they have arranged for "Six beauties and Fat Kuk" that will consist of Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye, Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung, Priscilla Chik and Winnie Yeung who will accompany host Vincent Kuk who will be bathing in his lovely company.

Ron Ng's popularity has shot up after "Triumph in the Skies" and his attraction is nearing that of the established stars. Originating as a newcomer, one show has shot him up to the ranks of a leading male. As for Chris Lai, he was originally a free agent, but after appearing in "Hearts of Fencing", he has also been brought to attention and TVB has jumped on the chance to get him on their books so that they can actively promote him.


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung has had a lot of news recently and a magazine has recently reported that she has met a fashion store owner boyfriend Ricky and linking him in a four party love affair with Maggie, Tung Bo and Samm Chan. Yesterday, Maggie was filming in TKO TVB City for new series "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" and as reporters joked about her three 'followers', Maggie said: "I don't like people saying things like that because it makes me seem like I am playing the field and I will soon have no friends. You are always repeating old stories, even writing about Ricky, which is totally unbelievable." In fact, Ricky is Maggie's image designer and he has his own fashion outlet. Many other artistes have employed him as image consultant and Maggie became good friends with him after they hit it off. Earlier they even went to Thailand together before going to a female friend's birthday party on their return. They were earlier photographed buying a present together. As for her views on Ricky as a friend, Maggie describes him as a 'close homely friend' so she feels that her 'new love' story is nothing more than a joke. Maggie also says that Ricky knew that they were being followed and was ready for the story to be revealed, so he had asked her if he needed to watch his actions. Maggie said openly: "I felt that there was no need, do you want me to lose all my friends and grow old lonely?" Maggie hopes that his problem can soon be overcome and her friends will stop becoming drawn into it.


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