Sunday, February 15, 2004

[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Dayo Wong and Ada Choi were filming for new series "Stand-up Sleuth" in a wedding scene yesterday and in the warmer weather, Ada wore a strappy wedding dress and was luckily not feeling the cold and shivering. HOwever, her attractive appearance was of no benefit to Dayo, because the usual kissing scene is missing from this show.

There will be two endings to "Stand-up" and Dayo admits he doesn't know if they will end up successfully taking the wedding photo in the finale as this will depend on the reaction from the audience when the show is aired. However, he laughs that the scene will be without the usual kissing scenes because of Ada's religious reasons for avoiding these scenes and Dayo's hygiene reasons for not wanting to chew another persons lips.

Dayo reveals that previously when they were working together on a movie, Ada had already refused to kiss him on the grounds of her faith: "Then a month later, she was kissing Simon Yam... we don't have any kiss scenes in this show either, so we'll just say that she owes me a kiss. When the time is right, she can repay me, it would be even better if she repays me with money instead. How much? Ten thousand dollars!" At this time, Ada is telling Dayo to shut up and points out that the reason why she didn't kiss him then was because her character was a lesbian and also because she was embarrassed, not because of him. Ada also praises him, saying that he is good-natured, not perverted, no bad breath and good looking and if they get to work again, she will kiss him because there is no way she will replace it with money. Ada says that she is a 'rough bride', but although she is always wearing wedding dresses for her work, she is still full of fantasy about her own wedding.

Dayo says that he stayed at home on Valentines day watching video discs because his girlfriend does not like going to places with a lot of people, so they will stay at home for any festivals.


[The Sun]

Keeping her figure around 105 lbs, Halina Tam says eating small meals frequently is the secret to her keep fit regime, so in one day, she will eat five or six times. She also knows how to control the amount she eats to keep her figure. She says: "I have seen many friends who are dieting who only eat one meal a day and it is very hard work and bad for their health. When they see me even taking afternoon tea, they find it very strange! Actually if you eat a little for every meal and keep it plain with less strong flavours, then your body will have balanced nutrients and this will even out your weight without spending a lot of money."

As for how much ehe eats in her many meals, it mainly consists of grain and vegetables and with her love of nature, Halina goes for early morning walks in the hills to help with her body's circulation and give a natural boost to her keep fit regime.

Halina's diet:

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with a thin layer of butter and jam. A cup of tea without sugar
Lunch: A salad dressed with olive oil instead of salad cream or a bowl of vegetable noodles
Afternoon tea: Apple or a raisin bun or even a piece of cake
Dinner: A bowl of soup to slightly fill the stomach and then half a bowl of rice with less meat dishes and more vegetables
Supper: Sometimes a cup of Kumquat Honey Water to fill up the void


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