Sunday, February 08, 2004

[Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

"Star of Brightness" Ada Choi took part in an event for a Children's charity yesterday to raise money to educate the children living in China's mountainous regions and started the show by donating an autographed teddy bear for the auction. With a starting bid of $300, it was won by an 8-year old girl who paid $500 for it. Two years ago, Ada sponsored nearly a hundred children in China and Ethiopia and feels that there are so many people in the world that need a helping hand, so if she has the chance, she would like to go to the mountains and visit the children. The audience also made a $30 donation to have their photos taken with Ada, with some children digging into their lucky packet money.

Ada was working yesterday for "Stand-up Sleuth" in the morning and after attending the event in the afternoon, she has to rush back to filming again. Afterwards, Ada will be filming Gospel film "Match Made in Heaven" that covers the moving love story of SARS victim Dr Tse Yuen Man and starring alongside Tse Kwan Ho. When it was mentioned that religious films never make as much money as the commercial movies, Ada emphasises that this film is not just for Christians to enjoy and she will be giving her best performance for it and is not worried about takings. She also says that when recording the soundtrack, she was so touched that she was crying and she feels that the audience will feel the same way.

Also with Cecilia Cheung's high profile publicity of her Christian faith recently, but then continuing to smoke afterwards and causing people to question her commitment, Ada still supported her even though she does not know Cecilia. Ada says that people should not see Christians as Saints because they will still fall ill and have to see doctors, taking herself as an example, it has been a while since her conversion, but she still has a bad temper and she feels that the most important thing is in the heart. Ada also says: "Cecilia is just a recent convert, how do you want her to be? Give her a little freedom to get to know God. We are all learning to believe in the Lord and no-one has the right to criticise anyone else."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "Lady Fan" will begin airing tonight and yesterday a group of cast members including Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Cindy Au, Tsang Wai Kuen and Kong Chi Nei took part in a promotional event, giving out presents and playing games with the audience and having a happy Sunday afternoon.

After playing games, Joe Ma signed autographs for the fans and one fan gave him some soup made from cockles, fish stomach and abalone. He says: "They say that they saw me very tired before, so they made me some soup to help my health."

Straight after the event, he immediately left with Jessica to film on new series "Family of Five". This show will soon finish filming and he will then be heading out to Holland to guest star in the "International Chinese New Talent Singing Contest". After returning, he will rest for a week before starting on another show that will co-star Sunny Chan and Steven Au where he will be playing a Wulin master. Talking of his continuous filming being hard work, he laughs: "As an artiste, I hope that the work is never ending, it is a good opportunity that the company is giving me." In order to act his character well, Joe will be following a simple diet when he is resting so he can lose a little weight. As for whether he needs to learn kung fu, he says: "The company would like me to go and learn, but I really don't have time. I will try and do more sport to flex my bones a little."

With TVB's recent cutbacks leading to less work for its artistes, despite everyone working as usual, there is a shadow that has been cast on everyone. Jessica feels that the company must have its own reasons for what it is doing, so she respects the decisions. When asked if she feels that the crew are unhappy whilst she is working, she says: "I don't find that and in truth there is nothing I can help with. If I get calls then I will keep working, if I don't get called, then I will rest. (In comparison, do you feel you are lucky?) Yes, we are better as artistes, but I will not think too much about it becuase you don't know what will happen in the future.

There are around two weeks of filming left for "Family of Five" and Jessica will then be heading into the Mainland to film some advertisements, including an aromatherapy ad that will be filmed in Shanghai. Then in March, she will be filming a Taiwanese series in Wuxi opposite Roger Kwok for around three months. With the spread of bird flu, she will be bringing some more instant noodles with her when she is travelling. She says: "I really like eating chicken, but at the moment I daren't eat it, so I have been eating lamb to build up some body heat."

Also, some magazines have suggested that she earlier felt that Joe was not yet up to standard to partner her in series, but after he gained popularity, her attitude towards him has changed and she has become very attached to him. In response, Jessica laughs: "As usual, I will not comment."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Kwong Wa and his wife Kitman Mak were at an opening ceremony for a market earlier and attracted many local residents. At the ceremony, the skies were scattering a gentle shower, but when the opening took place there was no rain as Kwong Wa exclaimed: "Wherever I appear, the weather will improve." When Kwong Wa was asked whether he accompanied his wife to the market, Kitman replied on his behalf: "In the past he would go with me, but he is too busy working now. So I will go and do shopping for his supper." Kwong Wa is currently filming for new series "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" and in May, the cast and crew will be heading up to Wuxi for location filming. When asked if he is worried about bird flu, he says he is not afraid, because around six months ago, he and his wife have become vegetarians. Also, talking of the TVB cutbacks, Kwong Wa says that he has not heard of it and not paid any attention, because he is just concentrating on his own work. He says: "The company has its own plans, as long as you have the ability, then you will be given work, so there is nothing to fear."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

After admitting her recent depression in public, but still being able to face it bravely, Rain Lau appeared at a show and created a great atmosphere with her lively dancing. Some men also became very excited when they saw Rain and rushed to the stage to shake her hand and pretending to kiss her. Rain was not only not embarrassed, she even invited the men onto the stage to join the hot dance. Afterwards, Rain indicated that she was not worried about them trying to grope her as she laughs: "They seemed very well mannered, I am more afraid if they were drunk and rowdy, I can't handle them."

Rain says that her condition has settled down and has not affected her work. She says: "It is really just a minor psychological condition and I have no suicidal tendencies. To be able to accept it openly, I hope that I can help other people and tell people not to discriminate against them. I have been following Yammie Nam's news and I think that Lam Kin Ming is very generous to visit her all the time."

Rain is very grateful to her boyfriend for his support and laughs that she has presented him with flowers for the Chinese Valentines Day.


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