Thursday, February 26, 2004

[Reports: Ta Kung Pao - Pics from Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

Screen partners for over twenty years, Adam Cheng and Liza Wang were promoting their new series "Blade Heart" that is set to air on 8th March at the Tuen Mun Riding School yesterday. The event was due to start at half past two, but as Adam had been busy filming for "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han", it was postponed for an hour. At the event, cast members including Adam, Raymond Lam, Lee Ka Ding, Gregory Lee, Shirley Yeung and Lo Lok Lam all appeared on horseback. As they turned, Lo Lok Lam fell from his horse, but luckily he was not injured. Liza appeared in a carriage and despite calls from Adam and Lee Ka Ding to get on a horse, she refused.

Adam celebrated his birthday on Monday and he says that he received a lot of presents, including some flowers. When Liza heard this, she laughed and joked: Are you making things up again? Adam ignored her and continued: "I received flowers from my wife for the first time on Valentines day, it was three red roses and I was so touched, I cried a few times! (Why did your wife buy you flowers this year?) Maybe she felt guilty because in the past it has always been me buying flowers for her." He also counted out the presents he received and when he got to what Maggie Cheung had bought him, Liza butted in saying: "Why don't you talk about 'Blade Heart' and Liza Wang?". When Adam was asked whether he had received a birthday present from Liza, he laughed that she hadn't sent flowers or given him a birthday kiss. When the reporters asked Liza to make it up to him, she immediately shook her head and Adam said: "How can she give me something at such short notice?"

When asked about the recent slimming success of his daughter Joyce and whether he feels she is getting prettier, Adam laughs: "Do you need to ask? When she returned to Canada, she told me to look at the paper and she is so full of confidence." When it was mentioned that even Liza is slimming and pledging to appear in a bikini when she succeeds, will Adam allow Joyce to wear a bikini in public? He says: "Whilst she is young and she has such a great figure, then why not? (What if Liza is wearing a bikini?) That's even better! I will raise my legs in agreement." He adds a suggestion that if the ratings are good for "Blade Heart", then she should wear a bikini, but if the ratings get even better, then she should cut down on the material. As for "Blade Heart" being arranged to air on International Women's Day, is this to aim the show at the ladies in the audience possibly? When Adam was asked if he could be classed as the first generation of 'lady killer', he replied honestly: "Probably, because the little girls who liked me in those days are now all 'ladies' (housewives)."

Liza refused to ride a horse, explaining she has not prepared herself for it mentally and she has not ridden for a while, so she is a little afraid and nervous. As for Lo Lok Lam falling from a horse, she says that he did not fall, but just slid off. It may have been due to the horse being startled by the flashes from the press and losing its nerve. Liza indicates that she has a lot of riding scenes in the show and luckily she completed the filming smoothly. When it was mentioned that she hasn't worked with Adam for a while and whether she has high expectations of the ratings for this show, she says: "I hope that the ratings will be high, but I don't really take much notice and am not nervous about it because I have already done my best and other things are beyond my control."

Talking about his little mishap and old cat Lo Lok Lam having his whiskers burnt, he laughed: "I have always risked it because in my thirty years in the business, I have never learned to ride a horse. (But you look the part when you ride!) It is because of this that everyone thinks I know how to ride!" As for the reason for the accident, he explains that the horse was just turning and he was flung off its back. Luckily he has kept up his exercise routine and he is still very agile and escaped injury.

Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee fell in love whilst filming for "Blade Heart" and with the show finally airing, does it mean a lot to them? Shirley smiles sweetly and says: "This certainly does mean a lot to me because this was my second ancient series and the first time I filmed on location in Beijing and the first time working with Adam and Liza." During filming, Shirley injured her back when she fell from a horse and she still suffers from the after effects. When asked if she was afraid of horse-riding as a result, she says that at first after her fall, she was frightened, but afterwards she gradually went back to practice with her boyfriend and she is no longer afraid.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" held its completion celebration dinner on Tuesday and a group of artistes together with producer Kwong Yip Sang got together to take the crew out for dinner. Even Shirley Yeung who has been rumoured to not pay for treats made a contribution. She admits that in the past she wasn't aware of the traditions, but realises that thanking the crew is necessary.

'Low output' Bobby Au-Yeung has filmed two series in a row for TVB and will be starting on another modern series in April. When he was jokingly asked if he was saving money for baby milk, Bobby replied cheekily: "If I really wanted children, then I wouldn't be working so hard outside, but working hard at home! This is just down to the needs of market demand and I just happened to meet with these scripts that I really wanted to film." Bobby also revealed that after filming "Ap Liu" he has become great friends with Wayne Lai and Ellesmere Choy and the three are often filming scenes where they are chatting on the roof. The feeling is very much like that of "Files of Justice" and to enhance the result, the three changed their own scripts to increase their chemistry. Bobby seems to have put on some weight and he laughs: "I have reached over 180 lbs recently, but I have lost it now and am back down to 160 lbs."

Anne Heung is currently troubled over Kenix Kwok's wedding celebrations as she says: "I don't need to film for a while and I will be helping Kenix out with her wedding preparations and thinking of some meaningful games to play with them. I have already been a bridesmaid twice, so I will not do it again, just in case it means I will never get married!" She says frankly that her relationship with her boyfriend is stable, but they have no plans to wed just yet.


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