Friday, February 13, 2004

[Pictures from The Sun, Oriental Daily, Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]
[Report from Sing Pao]

Having recently signed a wedding gown sponsorship deal worth a staggering seven figure sum, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam took part in a photoshoot yesterday, wearing over ten different sets of outfits. The gowns for their wedding day on 10th March will also be sponsored by the studios, but are currently still being finished and have not yet been revealed.

Wearing many different suits in his shows, Frankie says that this is the most real experience yet, making him very happy and the feeling is indescribable. He says: "Usually I rarely look in the mirror, but wearing this suit today, I couldn't help but keep looking." Saying this, Frankie was smiling from the heart, probably because he is thinking about his own wedding day. People usually get more and more nervous the nearer they get to their wedding day, but Frankie says he has not started feeling this yet.

The reception will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong and the number of tables is yet to be decided but will inevitably be over forty tables. Although the venue has been sponsored, Frankie says that so much of his wedding is being sponsored such as the wedding cake and Kenix's jewellery, their wedding day is their event after all, so they are insisting that they will pay for the banquet themselves. As the couple have many friends inside and outside of showbiz, they have decided to have ten 'brothers' and ten 'sisters', the best man is from outside showbiz and Kenix's cousin will be her bridesmaid. The honeymoon destination is yet to be decided as this will depend on their time arrangements, but they will look into this and try to go somewhere they have never been before.

When Kenix heard about Frankie's feelings about wearing the wedding outfit, she laughed: "I have probably worn wedding dresses more than he has worn wedding suits!" As a result she seemed a lot more relaxed and the ten designs of dresses she wore included many designs such as backless and low cut, but they will probably be shooting into the early hours of the morning. For this special shoot, the studios closed for the day to make this set of advertisements.

As they are both busy preparing for the wedding, Frankie and Kenix have no special plans for Valentines Day, but Kenix has bought a present. She says: "This is our ninth Valentines Day and we have usually had to work in the past, but we have a tradition to buy each other a present."

It would seem that it is easy for artistes to make money, gaining sponsorship deals for getting married and having kids, but Kenix says: "I haven't thought about having children for the time being, I am still very active and still have a passion for my career."

Frankie's filming for "Virtues of Harmony" has been temprorarily suspended for his wedding preparations and his co-star Bernice Liu has headed out to Kuala Lumpur to rest after developing an ulcer in her throat. Frankie was unaware of this and says: "I didn't hear her speak about it before and she seemed okay. This is good, at least she will get some rest and hopefully get better soon."


[Sing Pao]

After his press conference detailing his departure from TVB, Leung Si Ho has attracted much attention and after a comment from chat show DJ Cha Siu Yan saying she didn't understand why Si Ho was so bothered about this job, Si Ho responded saying: "If someone dies it is her business. If someone is sacked it is her business. Why doesn't she take time out to keep an eye on her husband?"

Returning to RTHK to host his own show yesterday, Si Ho attracted a number of reporters and jested: "Have TVB given me my job back?". When asked if he was worried about being blacklisted by TVB after venting his feelings at the press conference, he said: "Since the day of the press conference, TVB has stopped sending out termination letters to staff, so I am glad I have helped some of the backstage crew."

In her own radio chat show, Cha Siu Yan said: "I don't understand why Si Ho is so bothered by the job, it isn't $30 million, but just $3000... if TVB sacked 70 people, would they all hold a press conference? Si Ho should be happy that he is not being tied down by TVB." To this, Si Ho responds: "I came from TVB and I talk about feelings, maybe she has never had a long term job! I earned $3000 per show, but last year I did 30 shows!" To Cha's words, Si Ho feels: "It is not just about me, it is about everyone who is being dismissed at TVB and every worker in Hong Kong who is losing their job. She seems to think of herself as a people's hero, I really don't understand why people dying concern her, people being sacked concern her, why doesn't she take the time to go and keep an eye on her husband instead." (Cha Siu Yan's husband was once photographed in a nightclub.)

Si Ho has had a lot of calls recently from friends including some current TVB employees, but he daren't reveal their names in case it affects them. Lee Si Kei has indicated that this is symbolic of TVB moving in the wrong direction because progressive companies should be hiring people and not firing them, but Si Ho still feels that the company has its own policies. When asked if he has the intention to jump to another TV station, he says that a lot of the paid channels have asked him to join and says: "For those who decide not to sign me then ridicule me even further, they will find the tables turned in the future." Talking of a protest currently being arranged by the TVB workers union next week by wearing black to work, Si Ho supports them and he will be wearing black when he returns to TVB City to hand in his ID.


[Oriental Daily]

Sammul Chan was a guest at a motor show yesterday and was passing out red roses printed with his name to female show goers and stealing the hearts of many ladies. However, when Sammul was asked if he has a date for Valentines Day, he immediately replied enviously: "I have to work on Valentines Day this year, so I will be on my own. However, even when I was dating before, I have never spent Valentines Day with a Valentine. (Do you want to start dating now?) Sometimes I do, but luckily these past few years I have had work to do so I don't need to think too much. (Have you been asked out on dates by girls?) Yes, but I will not accept invitations at will to avoid misunderstandings." Also, Sammul is currently attracted to a lady from outside the showbiz industry, but he has not mustered up enough courage to tell her how he feels yet.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan's first book on beauty magic's first print of 3000 copies sold out in the space of just over a month, but due to the new year, the second print has been delayed. As a result the second print will be released on Valentines Day and will be another 3000 copies. Nnadia says: "This book has been very memorable for me, the first print was released on 1st January and the second was released on 14th February. I hope that the third print will be issued at Easter 12th April."

Nnadia adds that on Valentines Day in the past, she has received two sets of flowers from a secret admirer and this makes her very happy, but would like to know who they are from. However, this year's Valentines Day will be even happier for her because of her book print and this is an even better present for her.

Since the launch of her beauty book, Nnadia's website has been flooded with emails sharing beauty tips and asking her for help on beauty matters. Nnadia says: "This is why we are running a second print and I have made an addition to it with the most frequently asked questions to share with readers."


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