Saturday, February 14, 2004

[Pictures from Sing Pao, Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]
[Article from Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

To tie in with Valentines Day, the cast of "Armed Reaction IV" were promoting in Tsimshatsui yesterday handing out flowers and chocolates to the audience and attracting quite a crowd. During the show, Ada Choi, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung and Raymond Cho took part in a kissing competition and with a piece of plastic between them, they competed to see who could make the most kiss marks. During the fun, Ada and Frankie kissed each other on the cheek a couple of times, whereas Yoyo kissed Raymond on the lips. During the demostration of marriage proposal, groom-to-be Frankie Lam was bowing on the ground and seeming very serious.

When Frankie was asked if he proposed to Kenix in this way, he laughed: "Who proposes like that? You would only do that if you had done something wrong. I don't feel that kneeling is demeaning because when we are filming, we often have to kneel until our knees are sore." Talking of some magazines digging out his past rumours with Ada, Frankie explains that he was only having noodles with Ada and in general the magazines have little integrity so this will not affect him. As for whether he will be working hard on 'making babies' after his marriage, he smiles: "Kenix has a series to film in April, I can't really make her pregnant!"

Ada spent her Valentines Day with her dogs and her computer. Did she receive any flowers? She says: "The prop lady gave me some prop flowers and some friends gave me some flowers as well, so I wasn't so embarrassed. I did ask my uncle to get me some flowers, but I didn't see him when I woke up. My aunt was even worse, she gave me a cauliflower. I like Valentines Day the best because everyone else has a lover, but I don't so this means I still have a choice. Dating is down to fate and even if I am dating I would not reveal it because in the past when I have done so, it left me with little freedom." Talking of the rumours with Frankie, Ada says that there is no way they can get together and as for her other rumours about Zhang Jin, she says: "Rumours are just rumours!"

Yoyo Mung revealed that she has had an argument with her boyfriend over a lost parking permit as every year they would go for a meal in the same restaurant and he asked her again if she wanted to go again this year. Yoyo says: "I said I didn't want to go because I was very angry and told him to spend Valentines day with his friends. I then arranged to go out with a group of single girl friends, but then he sent me a message to ask if I would meet him. I carried on playing it cool and even said to him if he wanted to see me on Valentines Day he would have to come out with all my friends, in the end, that is what he has agreed." Yoyo says her strong attitude has softened her boyfriend, but she does not use this to her advantage as she did prepare a wallet as a present for him. When asked if she had received any flowers, she says: "I don't really like receiving flowers because they are expensive and die easily so it is a waste. I don't know if he will be giving me flowers."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Akina Hong flew to America yesterday on Valentines Day to attend her friend's wedding and she hopes to be able to find a real lover over there. After attending the "Armed Reaction IV" promotion, Akina headed out to the States in the evening for the wedding. As she is still without a boyfriend, she has already asked her friend to arrange a few Prince Charmings for her so that she has a chance of finding 'the one'. When asked why she was going so far away to look for love, Akina says that she has better feelings for men from other places and goes on to say that men in Hong Kong are not valiant, courageous or witty enough, laughing that 'the moon is rounder overseas'. She is putting some pressure on her friend because she is pinning her hopes on this opportunity.

Earlier Akina was booked for talking on her mobile phone whilst driving, but she did not receive her summons and did not appear in court. When the courts advised her that she could either report the incident or appear in court, she asked for advice from her lawyer friends and they said that admitting the offence was the more sensible choice. She is currently awaiting the summons for her court appearance.


[Oriental Daily]

Ron Ng was acting as 'flower boy' for a restaurant yesterday and handing out flowers to passers-by in Causeway Bay. As a result, the 'schoolgirl killer' became a 'housewife killer' and attracted the attentions of many ladies eager to have a photo taken with him. The funniest incident was when a housewife kept 'jabbing' him in the back to ask him for the photo and making him laugh until he was faint.

Handing out flowers in a busy street for the first time, Ron was very worried that he would be embarrassed if no-one wanted them. He also adds that when he was in high school, he did send flowers to his girlfriend at the time and laughs: "Just one, not a bunch of them costing a few thousand dollars, I didn't have that much money!" His girlfriend gave him a music box in return. He also reveals that since splitting up in '99, he has not dated since and this is the fifth Valentines Day without a date and so he will be working through the night on his new series "Destinies of the Western Chamber". He doesn't mind working through the festival because he can treat Kiki Sheung and Ha Ping as his dates."

As for ther rumours that he has a live-in girlfriend from outside the industry and also the links with Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong and Nancy Wu, Ron says: "They are all rumours. If they were to be, then it would have happened a long time ago. We are all just good friends."


[Pictures from Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]
[Article from Sing Pao]

At yesterday's "Tai Po Super City Valentines Party" promotion, Shirley Yeung, Stephanie Wang and Eva wong (Sum Yu) were the guest stars and joined in some party games with eighteen pairs of lovers. Although Shirley was working on Valentines Day, her boyfriend Gregory Lee was showing his love by acting as chauffeur for her. However, she seemed a little embarrassed as she judged the kissing competition, blushing all over.

Shirley Yeung started work at 5am yesterday before being driven by boyfriend Gregory to the event. When asked how they will be celebrating, she says that they will be going for dinner and she does not yet know if there will be any surprised. She says that she will be receiving the present in the evening and the most important thing is the thought, not the value. What will she be giving her boyfriend? Shirley just says: "Give us some space, it wasn't handmade, but it is a thoughtful present." She reveals that this is their second Valentines Day together and normally it is the first one that leaves the biggest impression, but as they both had to work last year, they did not have time to spend with each other despite being in neighbouring studios. At yesterday's event, there was a contest for the longest kiss and Shirley admitted that she daren't take part because she is not brave enough. She was blushing a lot when she judged the kissing contest and seemed very embarrassed, saying; "Usually I daren't look when I see people kissing on the MTR, but I find it quite sweet."

Stephanie Wang indicates that she will be spending Valentines Day with a big group of friends and with earlier rumours linking her with Bosco Wong, will he be there? She says: "I don't know, he is not my boyfriend, but I just admire him." She admits that he does fulfil her criteria for choosing a partner. Talking of memorable Valentines Days, she reveals that a few years ago, she went for a buffet meal with her boyfriend and he gave her a few hundred roses, whereas she made some chocolate cake for him. As for TVB's 'One show policy', this does not affect Stephanie because she is on a monthly salary and her father has already retired to Canada, so this does not affect him either.

Eva Wong praises her boyfriend for his thoughtfulness as he has already booked tables in several restaurants to give her a choice of venue. She received 21 roses because every night when she talks to her boyfriend on the phone, he will kiss her 21 times. As well as flowers, she also received chocolates and a diamond ring, pointing out that in accepting the diamond ring, she has also accepted him. She has given him a big box with a handmade Valentines card, chocolate and a belt.


[Oriental Daily]

Yesterday, Flora Chan attended the premiere of the new movie "Cold Mountain" and a group of her fans rushed over to her to give her flowers and wish her a Happy Valentine's Day in advance. She reveals her plans on Valentine's Day are to have dinner with some friends. Asked if there will be any men at the dinner, Flora answers with a smile, "For now, no one has dared to pursue me, but I do feel that someone wants to, of course, at the moment we are just good friends and I treasure this friendship. "

Not having spent Valentine's Day with a lover for 4 years, she feels that it is most important to be happy. She indicates that if she is really dating in the future, she will reveal it openly and definitely will not keep it to herself. Speaking frankly, she says that her fans also care about her affections, hoping she will find a boyfriend soon!

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