Friday, February 06, 2004

[Oriental Daily, The Sun, Apple Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's new series "Wandering Hero Medics" held it's costume fitting yesterday with cast members that included Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam and Lian Kai. After the event, Sonija Kwok immediately boarded a plane with boyfriend Deric Wan to a show in Atlantic City, where they will be singing 'Wild Child' together and she will be playing the piano. It turns out that she is a Grade 8 pianist and she was already earning extra pocket money at the age of 15 by teaching the piano. When asked if they will be singing a love song together, Sonija praised her boyfriend, saying: "Whatever he sings is not a problem, but he is compromising for me by singing an easy song with me." She admits that they have had a good fee for appearing as a couple with a six-figure sum. In response to the endless rumours about break ups since they started dating, she says: "I know that a lot of people want us to break up, but it will not happen because our relationship is very stable."

Having been married not long ago, Nick and Esther Kwan are faced with suggestions that Esther has become pregnant, when she appeared at the wedding ceremony of Emotion Cheung appearing to have a bump in her abdomen. When asked for confirmation yesterday, Nick says: "Who is pregnant? She has not even had a spot! Maybe she has gained some weight after eating too much at the new year and this has cuased some misunderstanding. (When do you plan to have a baby?) Soon! As my work is packed until next year, I will have no time to be with my wife if she has a baby, so I hope it will be next year, but I still don't mind if it is this year."

Nick will be heading out to Africa to film for the show in the middle of the month and he has already had three vaccination injections. When asked if he was worried about the hygiene there, he says that according to the researchers, they have modernised the area and it is very beautiful. As he would not normally choose to visit such a place, this is a great opportunity that should not be missed.

Also, Raymond Lam will be playing a doctor with cancer in the show and has been losing weight for the show. However, as he has been slimming for a while now, he seemed very tired and run down at the event yesterday. With the dramatic change in his appearance, he raises suspicions that he has had a nose job. When quizzed about this, Raymond responded rather shocked and embarrassed, saying: "Why do you ask that? I have lost weight from my face, and my whole face and body look skinny." He also explains: "I have a nasal allergy and have always been under medication for it, also as my nose has always had a few problems and it may be that it is becoming serious again because sometimes I will wake up in the night with a suffocation feeling. The doctor has suggested that if it gets any worse, I may need an operation." When it was mentioned that his face seemed swollen, Raymond replied rather awkwardly: "My nose has been a little swollen lately, I have had a cold for a good few days and I am still not better." Raymond's new look seems like a combination of Lawrence Ng and Raymond Cho, is this to tie in with his doctor image for the show? Raymond replies: "This is the first time I will be playing a doctor and when I appeared in my costume, many people mentioned that I look like Lawrence Ng, but I don't think I do."

Selena Li will also be appearing in the show and on her debut drama, she is very excited and happy as she says: "I am very excited because I am worried my acting skills will be no good and this will delay the progress of the show. (How to you feel to be the first of this year's Miss Hong Kong winners to make a series?) I feel that I am very lucky, but they will all have chances to film, just that I a little ahead of them."


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