Monday, February 09, 2004

[Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ming Pao]

Adam Cheng, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Cerina Di Graca and Kwong Wa were among the stars at the blessing ceremony for "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" at TKO TVB City yesterday. Although there were no chickens on the sacrificial table due to bird flu, there was still a roast pig and fruit offferings to wish for smooth filming.

Maggie reveals that she will be working this Saturday on Valentines Day and laughs: "Although I don't have a Valentine, and no-one to give presents to or go out with, I am still very busy because I have a meeting with Moses Chan from 'War & Beauty' and also Adam Cheng from 'Proud Heroes', so I have two places to head to." Conversely, she reveals that when she was studying, she once received a present from a male schoolmate and it was a lovely surprise.

Melissa seemed very frantic yesterday as she kept asking whether or not she has to work on Saturday and afterwards she says she was just joking: "If you are happy, every day can be Valentine's day." Then she openly admits: "Of course, being a girl you would wish to receive flowers, but they don't have to be from a man, I have given flowers to a man before, but it was just out of politeness."

As for the rumours that she has already got married, is her partner her husband or her boyfriend? Melissa replies: "He is my lover, but if I have to work on Valentines day, then my Valentine will be Adam." Wearing a warrior's outfit at the event, Adam called out "My helmet smells of plastic." and this caused Melissa to burst into fits of laughter. Having worked with Yammie Nam in the past, Adam feels that you have to be in the circle to escape it and he feels that happiness can be found in self-fooling and watching pretty girls, like his character in the show. He laughs: "You have to have a broad mind to joke about yourself, I always say that I am a womaniser! In fact I am not, but I just have the gift of the gab."


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