Sunday, February 01, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Having been linked romantically working together on a music special, Aaron Kwok has openly admitted his affections towards Mandy Cho. Mandy, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik took part in a charity walk yesterday and reporters questioned Mandy on whether she had invited her 'boyfriend' to take part. Surprisingly, she said: "I think he must have other things to do. (Do you admit that he is your boyfriend then?) I just know who you are referring to." Mandy and Aaron have just finished filming for the music special and she admits that she misses working with him, but not just him as she misses the crew as well. She indicates that she has not swapped phone numbers with Aaron.

As for her criteria for choosing a partner, does a man much older than her stand a chance? Mandy says: "Age is not an issue, as long as destiny strikes. (What are Aaron's good points?) As well as being able to sing, he can dance and is a very professional actor who can lead me into the scene. Being with him, you are always very happy and joyful and in high spirits. (Do you like this type?) He is the Dancing prince, everyone likes him. (Do you have the feeling from him?) I don't know what to say, we are just friends at the moment. (Has he electrified you?) When we were filming, there was a little, but in private, no." Mandy also openly says that if Aaron invites her on a date, she will definitely go if she has time, but there are no developments at the moment.


[Sing Pao & Oriental Daily]

With a professional jewellery inspection qualification, Priscilla 'boss' Koo also has an air of grace and elegance, so it is little wonder she is targetted by many jewellers to be their spokesperson and to this, she feels happy and honoured. Ever since she was very young, she has loved jewellery and has been collecting them, resulting in a personal fortune worth an eight-figure sum. Taking the role of Master of Ceremonies as well as a guest model, Priscilla was showing off a selection of jewels at an anniversary charity event, including a ruby worth $2.8 million and diamonds with a value of $3.38 million.

Priscilla reveals that her love for diamond jewellery was influenced by an aunt: "My aunt loved to wear jewellery and every time she wore a different design and making me want to collect them too. Whether it is rubies, sapphires, pearls or jade, I have them all and the value is an eight figure sum. I keep them in my safety deposit box for when I need to wear them. I am in hibernation at the moment though, so I have cut down on what I buy."

Having to work at the Chinese New Year meant that she stayed at home for most of the occasion, especially as the atmosphere there was very lively. She laughs: "We gambled from New Year's Day to the seventh day and all my friends came to visit, full of riches and children! (Did you make any new year riches?) I didn't gamble, just provided the refreshments. (How about your husband?) He should have, he was the house and I kept hearing him shout 'Yeah!'. For him to play, I had changed a big tin of loose change and I noticed that the tin was very full. (When will you be having kids?) Not at this time, there are enough people at home for now."

Steven Ma also appeared at the show as a guest star and received his lucky packet and some real gold. Of course he was pleased, but as the temperature at the venue was quite high, he only wore a thin top, but even without dancing, he was sweating a lot. Even his contact lens had moved out of position and this made him rather uncomfortable. In the new year, he visited Macau with his family for a day and although he did not try his luck in the casino, for the first time in over ten years, he played Mah Jong to fill the space on the table and lost a few thousand dollars. Luckily, he received $10,000 in lucky packets, the largest being from his publishing boss who gave him $5000. Steven has recently renewed his contract with TVB for another 18 months and will begin filming series again on 1st April. Also, he hopes to be able to move to the variety show artistes department and admits he would very much like to be an MC.


[Oriental Daily]

Being the owner of a fairly good singing voice, Kiki Sheung has recently been arranged to do two private performances for an American station with quite a large fee and a chance to do some travelling. Kiki has been working hard to practise her singing as she hopes to be able to take on more jobs like this and make some more money. Through perfecting her voice, Kiki has also been introduced recently by friends to a middle-aged businessman from the mainland. However his proposal was 'unusual' and this has reminded Kiki of what is a fair transaction. She will be keeping her work very clearly apart from any other business as she laughs: "If I was eighteen it would be another matter... I don't need to wait until I am at my age to do these things!"

Kiki reveals that this businessman admired her singing a lot and wanted to fund an album for her. She admits she was overcome by his generosity and when he asked to meet her again, she used her filming for 'Destinies of the Western Chamber' as an excuse to turn him down. Her friend then let slip that this man is a multi-millionaire, but Kiki believes that making friends is not about how much money they have and this makes her suspect his motives. When asked if she is worried that her boyfriend would be unhappy, Kiki says: "Of course I wouldn't tell my boyfriend about these things, as a woman, things like this will happen, moreover I am a female artiste. However I haven't seen my boyfriend thoughout the new year period because he is working on the Mainland and we have just been keeping in touch by phone. (Do you have a date for Valentines' Day?) I have to work, so I can't say for sure yet."


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