Tuesday, February 03, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Deric Wan and Sonija Kwok have just celebrated their first anniversary together, but yesterday there were reports that they had split up also indicating that Deric Wan has financial problems and they fell out when he asked her for money. Both Deric and Sonija strongly deny the news and hope that these pointless people will stop making stories from nothing.

Sonija is currently filming for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" and she responds to the reports by saying: "It is so pointless and they keep going on about it. My boyfriend and my financial matters are independent, but I am very clear of his status and there is no problem. Our relationship is very strong."

As for Deric, he is in Shanghai filming for a Mainland production and in response to the reports about him falling out with his girlfriend over money, he says: "I thank you all for giving me so much attention and giving us the value of your news. Maybe it will help my show 'Vigilante in the Mask' as publicity. Please can those who like to write rumours and cause trouble stop talking rubbish, because the more you report it, the more you waste your efforts."

Deric insists that he and his girlfriend are getting on very well and their relationship is improving by the day. They have not had one argument in the year they have been together and of their finances, they are extremely healthy and he has never asked her to lend him money. His work has been continuous and earlier he has just finished filming a series in Taiwan before heading up for the China series. He will also soon be heading out with his girlfriend to America to do a stage show and have a happy Chinese Lover's festival.


Moses Chan was a guest on a cookery show yesterday and tasted the 'Clay pot chicken' that the chef created. The crew informed him that the fresh chicken had been bought by the chef from a local chicken seller and Moses was without fear as he was photographed holding the ingredients and claiming that he can cook too, with steak and eggs being his strong dishes. When he was asked if he was afraid of bird flu, Moses said: "Hong Kong will be fine, Hong Kong will be good." He then says that there is nothing to be worried about as long as you don't eat wild game!


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