Saturday, February 07, 2004

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[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Acting on reports from readers that Charlene Choi and Rain Lau have been sighted at the mental health clinic of the Chinese University Medical School, reporters immediately questioned Charlene and Rain on the matter. Rain openly admitted her condition, but Charlene's manager Mani said rather nervously: "There is not such matter, Charlene would never be seen at that place."

When asked about why she was at the psychology department, Rain revealed that she suddenly developed palpitations, shaking hands and emotional instability in October of last year and when her own doctor could not help, she was introduced to a psychologist Professor Lee who diagnosed her with a depressive condition. She says: "Professor Lee says that depression is very common and told me not to worry, suggesting that I control the condition with medication." She also sought help from clinical psychologist Kwok Pik Shan, attacking the condition from both directions. She is now well on the road to recovery, around 70-80% better and in order to stop the condition recurring, she will need to take her medication for a year and visit the doctor once a month.

Asking Rain why she has this condition, she says: "Maybe I am too excitable and nervous about everything and unable to let go of my emotions, so you should not be too stubborn about things. At first, I was afraid that my mother would worry about me and so I didn't reveal it, but there is no need to hide it any more. Later I will be Professor Lee's guest at a seminar so that more people will understand the condition."

Rain is currently filming every day for "Virtues of Harmony" and yesterday she did a stage appearance at an event in Tsimshatsui and said happily: "I am thankful to the support that my boyfriend has given me because at my worst, I was even afraid of filming and once I cried until I couldn't stop so he took me to work with him on the Mainland." When asked if she has Seen Charlene whilst picking up her medication, she says: "No, not seen her."


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