Saturday, January 10, 2004

"Triumph in the Skies" to film Special Edition

[Oriental Daily]

TVB's anniversary series "Triumph in the Skies" cannot be put down as the good reviews have been endless since its airing, when it immediately rescued TVB's dwindling ratings attracting an average of 2 million viewers to tune in and gaining sixth position in the ratings table for 2003. As a result, TVB have decided to film one special edition episode. Reports indicate that this was a request from the show's sponsors, because since the show was aired, this has raised sales for them and with the power of the show to attract high spending customers, it puts it apart from other series.

As for this special show, it has been pencilled in to begin filming in March and will be 45 minutes long. Although it is a special for "Triumph in the Skies", the storyline will be completely different with only the cast being kept the same. The story will still revolve around pilots and flight crew and will be a small romance plotline.

In response to this, Francis Ng is very interested in taking part, because he feels that the cast of "Triumph" was able to create a trend and there will be a definite attraction in filming the special. However he is unsure as to whether he will have the time in his schedule to film the show. He is most worried about his hair and whether he will be able to recreate the original effect because of continuity with his other movie commitments.

Joe Ma was very happy to hear about the special edition because his character has died in the series, so he can 'come back to life' in a new character. To be able to work with the original cast again, Joe feels that this is invaluable and he hopes that this proposal will be able to go ahead.


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