Monday, January 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun, Oriental Daily]

Sammul Chan, Ron Ng and Leila Tong took part in a promotional event yesterday for a real estate company. With their recent rise in popularity thanks to "Triumph in the Skies", Sammul and Ron attracted a big group of female fans and Sammul immediately caused a reaction by taking off his cap and showing off his half bald head. Sammul indicates that is he planning to buy an apartment and he has already saved a deposit, but he is the practical type and wants to save more money before he buys. As for his ideal home, he requires it to be near nature, but as this would be inconvenient for his work, he will not buy this for now. For his parent's retirement, he will buy them a house in the country as this would be good for their health. At the moment, Sammul does not live with his parents, so his mother has to visit him with soup all the time. In order that his parents do not work too hard, Sammul hopes that he will be able to buy a home to share with his family. Ideally it would be on two storeys so that they can have their personal space but still be close by.

For this year's Lunar New Year, Sammul had three days off and went visiting with his family, receiving about $5000 and becoming the envy of many. He smiles: "How did I get so much? My fan's mothers will give me lucky packets!"

Ron Ng also had three days off for the new year before starting work on "Destinies of the Western Chamber" again yesterday. He indicates that working at the new year is a good thing because there is a good atmosphere. In his days off, as well as resting, he has been visiting family and playing Mah Jong, collecting many lucky packets. He says: "I have also handed lucky packets out to the crew, but the contents are not very much. Raymond Lam taught me to do this, because he says that to spread a little good luck makes everyone happy at work, so the amount in the lucky packets is not an issue." Yesterday's event was his first work of the new year and he says that the fee was satisfactory. Although he would like to buy an apartment, he has not saved enough for a deposit yet. If he were to buy a place, he would like somewhere comfortable for his family to live. As for new year wishes, Ron hopes that he can keep working every year and to be able to take part in a long and popular series such as 'Triumph in the Skies' every year.

Also, Leila will not begin filming until early February, so she will be resting in the new year. She laughs: "I haven't been out or to the markets, just going visiting with my family and giving a lucky packet to my dog." Her lucky packet income has been the same as the past, amounting to a few thousand dollars, the biggest one being from her family. She laughs: "I will use this money to take my family out for dinner and not spend it on myself." Being linked to Stephen Au earlier, she was asked if she has been to greet Stephen yet. To this she replied with a high pitch: "Ha! I haven't seen him! (Will you be greeting him for the new year?) No! Maybe I will see him at work later." As for new year wishes, she admits that her health has not been so good in the past year, so she wishes for good health.


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