Wednesday, January 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Cast members for TVB's Chinese New Year series "Vigilante in the Mask" including Deric Wan, Tavia Yeung, Mandy Chiang and Eileen Yeow were handing out lucky envelopes in a busy Tsimshatsui yesterday to promote the show.

With the new year fast approaching, Deric's wish for the new year is for everyone to be happy when they see him. He says that he has only returned from abroad a few days ago and will be heading out to Taiwan for work again today, however he plans to rush back to Hong Kong again before the new year. Due to his work, he rarely has a meal with his family, so he hopes to spend some time with them over the new year holiday. His family feel that they rarely see him as they have to depend on long distance calls to keep in touch, but this money cannot be saved. When asked how much he used to keep in touch with girlfriend Sonija Kwok and whether he pays for it, he says that the costs are limited because they usually do not have much time to talk and keep in touch by SMS. He and his girlfriend have been dating for a while now, will this be a good time to propose? Deric says that as she has just started out on her career, they will be putting work first for now. When asked if his grandma had rushed him to get married, he replied: "Not at all, we are working hard first, it will be at least two or three years before we get married, but if she [Sonija] gives the nod, I am always on standby."

As for Tavia, she was asked if she has been out with rumoured boyfriend Timmy Hung. She responded openly saying: "I have been in touch with Timmy, we are good friends. I went out earlier for a meal with Carlo Ng and Timmy. (Did you ask Timmy about his new romance?) I wanted to, but our nosiness is kept subtle and if he wanted to talk about it, I would listen, but I didn't want to pry as we all have our own secrets."


[The Sun]

Currently busy preparing for his wedding, Frankie Lam has already arranged a large group of 'brothers and sisters' as each side has ten members including the bride and groom creating a meaning of a 'Perfect Ten'. TVB will be building on the hype created by their wedding as it airs "Armed Reaction IV" to coincide and help push up the ratings.

Each year in March as the new season of advertisements start, the TV stations will push a strong show out to attract the sponsors. TVB has decided to air "Armed Reaction IV" beginning on 16th of next month to try and push up the ratings as it coincides nicely with male lead Frankie Lam's wedding date on 10th March. Frankie has received the notice and will be taking part in a series of promotional events and in a telephone interview, he said: "Actually I am continually working on the wedding preparations, but no matter how busy I am, I have to do the promos. The timing is just right, airing just half a month after my last show on "Virtues of Harmony 2". All in all, I have to thank Catherine [Tsang] for her opportunities, I am totally grateful to her."

As for wedding preparations, he reveals that the 'brothers' will include Raymond Cho, Michael Tong, Timmy Hung, Michael Tse, Louis Yuen, Johnny Tang and Mok Ka Yiu and among the 'sisters' are Christine Ng, Annie Man, Mok Ho Yan and Anne Heung. The bridesmaid and best man are from outside showbiz. He says: "Counting us two, there are ten people on each side, 'Sap Chuen Sap Mei' (Perfect Ten) is a good omen. Kenix and I like a lot of people, because it is more fun."

As they have many friends, there will be at least forty tables at the banquet, but they are not afraid of hassle at all, because after announcing their wedding, everything has gone very smoothly. Frankie says happily: "Like the New Year when Kenix and I will be doing stage work, the airing of AR4 and having the chance to film other series, everyone has said that you are especially lucky when you are about to get married!"


[Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan has been filming for "Five in a Family" and will be spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. This will be the first year that she will be with her boyfriend for the new year and when asked if she would be visiting 'uncle' and 'auntie', Jessica smiled: "Dont talk about these things." Talking of new year wishes, she said with resignation: "As well as good health, I hope that my new home can complete before March." It turns out that Jessica bought a new house that began decorating in November in the hope that she can move in before the New Year, but she understands that building work is always like this, so she can only hope it will be finished soon.


[The Sun]

Myolie Wu was wearing a mini skirt at a mobile phone promotional event yesterday and with this being her first mobile phone sponsorship deal, she was very happy: "I have had a few more advertising jobs recently, such as for DVD machines, skincare products, phones and food products. (Are these the rewards brought on by the success of "Triumph in the Skies"?) You could say that!" She smiles that she is not worried about working hard with so many jobs and as for the fee, she says: "No matter how many figures, it is still high! It is a commercial secret! (Have you put your fee up?) Of course it is more than when I started out? (By how much?) It is satisfactory, but I am still value for money!"

Although Myolie is promoting a mobile brand, she has no intentions of giving a phone to her boyfriend: "If he supports me, he should go and buy one himself!" Also, she will begin filming a new series soon and will be spending the new year working. She says: "I will be doing a float parade on Chinese New Year's day, but I don't really go greeting so it doesn't matter really."

Myolie's keep fit tips

When Myolie was at school and university, she was a rather plump girl, but after entering the industry she has lost a lot of weight: "I had to in order to look good on screen, although I am not fat, I still have to keep on a diet. I have recently taken up drinking a new product 'Nap Mai Water' to break down the water and make it easier to absorb. As well as being able to clear the digestive system, it will not make you drink too much water and you will not be so bloated. Your skin also looks a lot better."

Even with soups, Myolie is very picky: "I like drinking soup, but I will not make pig bone soup because it is very fatty. I will only make green and red carrot, apple and pear soups and then just add a little lean meat." As for sport, Myolie likes to do yoga: "I try to do it two or three times a week, but sometimes I am too busy and cannot do it. However I can sweat a lot each time I do it and it keeps my figure beautiful. Dieting has to be combined with exercise for the best results."

Myolie's Keep Fit Menu

Breakfast: 'Nap Mai Water' + anything, especially fruit.
Lunch: A bowl of rice or congee, vegetables and fish.
Dinner: Half a bowl of rice or congee, vegetables, fish and NO DESSERT!


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