Monday, January 05, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Kenix Kwok will be marrying Frankie Lam on March 10th this year, but the couple still have a lot of work on before that and will not start preparing for the wedding until they return from an appearance in America. They will be setting off on the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year, appearing as a couple so they are currently practicing their songs. Kenix says: "I will choose some of my idol Anita Mui's songs. Although we have never worked together, we have met a few times because when I was in the Miss Hong Kong contest, Anita was one of the judges. She personally presented me with my talent potential award and in her eyes, I should have been in the top three. To know that makes me very happy." It turns out that Kenix is a member of Anita's fan club, but she does not attend many of the club's events. She says: "Anita treated newcomers very well and I remember when I first entered the industry, I presented her with flowers at her charity concert and she remembered my name. As a newcomer, this made me very happy indeed."

When TVB aired a special memorial show for Anita on Sunday, Kenix cried as she watched it and made her eyes red. She says: "I will definitely go to pay my respects. (But you will be getting married soon, are you not afraid of the clash?) I am not so superstitious, so I don't believe there is any harm. (Did you decide to get married after hearing Anita's words?) No, but after hearing her words, it made me want to get married sooner." Also, Kenix's contract with her manager has ended and she is looking for a new manager at the moment. She says that after five years working together, they have had a good relationship, but they have differences in opinion in that she hopes to do more ambitious things, but her manager is very conservative. She hopes that in finding a new manager, she will have some new experiences.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Raymond Lam took part in filming for TVB's Chinese New Year song yesterday and he says that for the New Year, he will be going to Fujian to visit his grandmother. As he has been busy filming in Panyu for "Double Dragon of the Tang" recently, he wants to take advantage of the holiday to see his grandmother. When asked if he will be heading abroad, Raymond says that his good friend Ron Ng is busy filming, so he does not have anyone to go with. The press noticed that Raymond seems to have put on a little weight and he says that he has been taking medicines to keep good health because he worked too hard whilst filming "Double Dragon" and this affected his health, causing him to become ill in the cold weather. Later he will be filming a new series for TVB where he plays a doctor alongside Nick Cheung.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Jessica Hsuan and Bobby Au-Yeung were filming some clips for TVB's Chinese New Year celebrations and the two could not stop playing around. Bobby even picked Jessica up and turned her upseide down, being even more wild than some of the younger stars. Jessica felt a little dizzy after being inverted by Bobby and indicated that she was getting old and should stop playing. She has just had her ten year service award from TVB and laughs that in the past she would mock other people for filming over ten years, but now she daren't say anything because she is the same.

Originally Jessica was not feeling very well, but as soon as she saw Bobby, she immediately perked up. With the Chinese New Year on its way, she will have three days holiday and her parents will be returning to Hong Kong from Beijing for the occasion. When asked if this will be the first time her boyfriend will meet her parents, she laughs that she will not talk about her boyfriend. She says that last year, she had given out lucky packets whilst filming in Panyu for "Sin Nui Yau Wan", and this year will be no different. She laughs that seeing other people so happy, this makes her happy too.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma is a very traditional minded person, so the Chinese New Year and Winter Festival is very important to him. In the past, he has had time off for the New Year and this year is no exception, so he will be going to Hainan Island for five days holiday with some of his friends. He smiles: "I have decided that in April or June, I will apply for the Open University to study Chinese Sociology. Recently I have been reading some of the text books and it is making me rather numb, so I want to go and have some fun." As for work, Steven says that although his contract with TVB will be ending soon, he should be continuing it because he has had a good relationship with them in the past. He also hpes that he can start filming another series for TVB in April. At the moment he is negotiating several Mainland productions and earlier, he made an advertisement for a suit company.

He says: "As I didn't have any time in my schedules, I had to complete the shoot in one day and in the end I had to change into thirty suits in the space of eight hours and smiled so much that my jaw was stiff. Luckily the boss really liked it and insisted that I filmed their TV ad for them as well, so work will start in March. The two ads together had a seven-figure fee and the boss has offered me a lifetime's supply of suits, so if I film any modern series, they will sponsor my suits for me."


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