Tuesday, January 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

In order to raise her relationship luck with the audience, Tavia Yeung visited the flower markets this year and bought some peach blossom, but she spent the three day new year break sleeping, so she did not collect many lucky packets. She laughs: "I lost out this year! I didn't even go and pick up a big red packet from my friend's parents!" As well as receiving lucky packets, she has also been handing them out for the first time this year and she hopes to be able to continue giving them out every year because this indicates she has made money.

At the moment, Tavia is filming for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs" and she will be working together with her sister Griselda. She smiles: "We have already worked together in 'Vigilante Force' and I feel that having sisters working together is quite fresh as the best thing is she can help me rehearse my lines! (Will you be teaching your big sis to act?) I will, because she is less experienced."

As for her show "Vigilante in the Mask" averaging only 23 points and peaking at 28 last week, is Tavia disappointed? She smiles: "At the new year, many people have gone away, so this is to be expected. The company just hopes that the show can make the viewers happy."

Sammul Chan also feels that the exodus of people over the holiday period means that this is an acceptable ratings result and he hopes that it will pick up later on. When asked if the ratings would be affected by the relative inexperience of the lead females Tavia and Mandy Chiang, he praises Mandy for her hard work and comedic skills.


[Ta Kung Pao]

With news of Yammie Nam receiving treatment for psychological problems, many people are sighing over her tragic story. Having studied together with her at the TVB acting classes, Eddie Kwan felt sympathetic after reading the reports of her news, but they have never really worked together. Eddie says: "Everyone has different pressures. Women maybe want a home and family, men want a strong career. They take different steps in life and have different ways of letting off steam, but the most important thing is to be able to relax. My relaxation method is to spend time with my family."

Although Deric Wan does not know Yammie, he is also very sympathetic to her situation. Talking of the recent mediocre results for his show "Vigilate in the Mask, he says that he has been filming series for nearly twenty years and he no longer thinks about the ratings issue. He will just do his own job well and memorise his scripts. As for the new year, of course he has been to visit his mother-in-law-to-be and bought his girlfriend some of her favourite cookies. However, she was busy filming, so she has not had time to go and visit his family yet. Having recently converted to Christianity, Deric has decided that he will be baptised towards the end of the year.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Ada Choi and Dayo Wong were filming in Central yesterday for 'Stand up Sleuth' and they attracted the gaze of many tourists who even crowded around Ada making comments and leaving her a little embarrassed. Yesterday's scene involved Ada chasing Dayo and scolding him and walking down towards the Landmark. As they NG'ed many times and the lines were long and emotional, after the filming, Ada felt a little faint. During filming, many people gathered around to watch and some of the crowd were new year tourists who couldn't stop staring at Ada. When asked if she felt that they were annoying, Ada laughed: "Not annoying, but I felt a little embarrassed because some people started tugging at me and pushing me. They were quite close and I was worried that someone would want to try and kiss me, if they did that I don't know if I should reward them with a slap! I am most afraid when they grab hold of your arm."

Ada's slimming company sponsors earlier employed Anita Mui in their adverts and after Anita's death, a mysterious CD-ROM has emerged suggesting there were financial conflicts between them. In response to this, Ada says that she has not read the related reports and not seen the contents of the CD, so she will not comment. She has worked with the company for four or five years now and has just recently renewed her contract. They work under the terms of the contract and there have been no other matters to deal with so she is comfortable working with them. She says that she has known the boss for a while now and find her quite nice, intelligent and honourable.

Dayo had three days off for the new year period, how did he spend them? He reveals that he spent two days visiting and one day sleeping, so he did not waste the time. Yesterday was the third day back at work for Dayo after the new year and it turns out that he has not been to Central for five or six years, so returning this time, he is rather moved, because in the past, he did not have enough money to go to Central all the time, now that his financial situation is okay, he has no time. Talking of the crowds for yesterday's filming, Dayo says that he will not find it hard to get into character, but being watched by several hundred pairs of eyes does give him a rather strange feeling. 'Stand-up Sleuth' will finish filming at the end of February, and Dayo reveals he has not yet planned his next piece of work, so he will take a break first.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Patrick Tang and Rain Li were at the wishing tree in Lam Village earlier and the two wrote their wishes onto a charm in the hope that they will come true. Patrick indicates that he hopes his new album "Moving in" due out in February will do well because he has not released an album for a while now. As the release date approaches, he is becoming more and more nervous because he does not want to disappoint his long awaiting fans. Patrick says that he has put a lot of effort into this album and a whole year, so if he gets out what he put in, then it will be the best New Year present.

Rain wishes for good health and everthing to go well for her family and also hopes her own wishes will come true and her career moves smoothly. Rain has also wished for her colleagues, meaning that one charm was not enough for her to write everything on!

When it came to throwing the charms into the tree, Patrick managed to complete it with one throw, but Rain had a bit more trouble over it, finally resorting to seeking assistance from Patrick to complete the task.


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