Thursday, January 08, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Dayo Wong, Ada Choi and Belinda Hamnett were among the cast members at the studio blessing ceremony for "Stand Up Sleuth" yesterday. As the show is sponsored by a snack food company, the main stars were all given a basket of snack foods and Dayo laughed that he will be madly eating snack foods every day, his favourite is preserved plum.

Talking of the 'brush with SARS' experienced by some of his TVB news colleagues, Dayo says that he was the last to hear about it. He remembers that last year when he was doing some stand-up, it was the height of the SARS epidemic, but he did not realise the seriousness of it all until he was asked by a reporter if he would be handing out masks to his audience and he had to rush and buy thousands of masks to hand out. He laughs: "At the time, everyone in the audience was wearing a mask and it was quite a historical occasion, but I hope not to be faced with this scene again." He also praises his supportive audience, saying: "They were so great, so frightened and yet still coming to support me and having to smell their own breath when they laughed."

As for the series, Dayo laughs that he is following in the tradition of "War of Genders" and is proud of finishing work early and so every day is a race against time. He says: "One night, we were originally to finish at 3am, but we were ready to go by 2:45. Whereas the team in the next studio were supposed to finish at 2:00 am and were still filming when we left."

With the SARS scare, there has been a major disinfectant programme at TVB City as the nerves of the workers are heightened. However, Ada was totally oblivious and when she was asked about this, she says: "I am very shocked, I hope they are okay and SARS will not return. Don't eat wild game! The heavens have already given us so much lovely food and the raccoons are so beautiful. (Do you feel this is the consequences of humankind's actions?) Many humans bear their own consequences, but for the sake of the next generation, we should do our best to be a good example for our children." When asked if she needed to go to Guangzhou for work in the near future, Ada says she is currently busy filming, so even if she needs to go to make an ad, it will be in three or four months time. She also says: "Actually things in life are very hard to predict, the most important thing is to keep a healthy body and wear a mask in any situation. People are aware of this hygiene procedure now and will wear a mask if they are unwell."

Although there is a need to keep healthy, she feels that Hong Kong people are too busy and even if there is no problem with the environment, the psychological pressure is still there. What methods does she have to relieve stress? She smiles: "I have recently bought a four and a half month puppy, but every time I take her for a walk, we have a race and I also have to clean up after her, so it has increased my pressure! However, I will not be lonely because it feels like someone is waiting for me to return home every day.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Chan Ling Lei, Bernice Liu, Woo Fung and Jay Lau were among the stars appearing at the TVB "January Birthday Stars" party and Ling Lei who is five months pregnant responded to the reports about the 'SARS-like' condition of some of her news colleagues and the reappearance of SARS in Guangzhou by saying that she only goes into TVB City to host one show and she will wear a mask, so she isn't too worried. Also, Bernice warned everyone not to get too close to her, laughing: "I don't have SARS, it's just a cold as I don't have a fever." Also, with the news of the three members of the news team contracting a SARS-like illness, the results of tests have been negative, but for safety's sake they have been kept in hospital for observations.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Myolie Wu and Ron Ng appeared in a promotion at a chain store pharmacists yesterday. Ron indicated that usually he will go shopping to buy some personal products from the shops because some things have to be bought yourself and cannot be dependent on other people. When asked what he has to buy himself, he laughed that underwear was one thing, because his mother does not know his size. When asked whether he has bought feminine products for his girlfriends in the past, he immediately said that of course he has not.

When the reporters called him a male chauvinist, he laughed that he isn't really, but he is single and does not have a girlfriend anyway, so he doesn't have the opportunity. However he admits that even if he has a girlfriend in the future, he will not buy these things for her because he will still be embarrassed. The reporters then laughed and asked if she was unable to get up and buy them, what would he do? Ron says that he would ask her friends to go and buy them for her.

Also, Myolie will go shopping in her spare time to buy some cosmetics. Myolie laughs that she will also check the prices everywhere to make sure she is not overcharged.


[Additional from the Sun]

Myolie was asked about buying personal items and she said: "My mum will buy sanitary towels for me, but I buy my own underwear. If I go abroad I will come back with a lot of underwear because at least no-one will recognise me there." As for Ron, he was asked if he would buy his own condoms, to which he replied that he doesn't need them yet, but if something like this happens, he will share it with everyone!


[Ta Kung Pao]

Christine Ng has been filming in Wuxi for "Double Dragon of the Tang" and as the weather there was cold and they were filming for several months continuously, it was quite hard work. However, Christine has found joy in the hardness. She says that the whole group of artistes have not had any gossip or rumours and together with Tavia Yeung and Leila Tong, they made a 'knit and chat' group. Christine explains that this is because they were quite bored when they weren't on set and Leila found out that the wool in Wuxi was plentiful and beautiful, so she started everyone off on knitting. Christine joined in and they chatted as they knitted, so that is how their group name came about.

Christine laughs that this is the first time she has knitted a scarf for her husband and he was full of praise for her creation. He says it is more beautiful than any you can buy so he offered to take her to Thailand on holiday in return.

Talking of the show, Christine says that she is a couple with Lee Chi Hung and they have a kiss scene. As she and Lee do not know each other very well, they did not have much chemistry at first, but luckily the director arranged for this scene to be shot near the end and chose a beautiful leafy green and yellow location, they managed to complete it in one take and she still remembers the scenery of that day. Also, Christine says that there are a lot of action scenes in the show and she performed 80% of the action scenes herself.


[Sing Pao]

Three members of TVB's news team, including newscaster Lui Ping Kuen and reporter Chan Wai Li together with an engineer were reporting from Guangzhou earlier on the SARS news and upon their return to Hong Kong were found to have a high fever and difficulty with breathing. After being taken to hospital, they were arranged to be isolated. TVB's external affairs assistant director Tsang Sing Ming revealed that the three employee's conditions are stable and have tested negative for SARS, so they should be alright.

Tsang points out that TVB's news department have called the hospital to pass on their well wishes and found out that there are problems with their lungs, two no longer have a fever and their condition is good. However in order to guarantee their recovery, they will be kept in hospital for observations. TVB's news department has been disinfected and those working away must prepare masks and protective clothing. However as some of the reporters need to work in front of the camera, the use will be down to the situation. He believes that TVB sent their colleagues to hospital in good time for isolation.

TVB has issued a notice that TVB City workers need to follow safety procedures and take care with their health. Tsang indicates that this incident will not affect the operations of TVB. Those colleagues who have been to the Mainland for work or social reasons must declare this and artistes who are currently filming in China will be thoroughly questioned by TVB to ensure safety for all.

The Miss Chinese International crew are currently filming on location in Dalian and will continue with their original plans and will not be returning to Hong Kong early.


[The Sun]

The MCI contestants have been filming in Dalian for a while and among them number 18 Lien Xian from New York has been very temperamental, always showing a frown and refusing to get changed at the swimwear shoot, before saying she was not well and making the crew repeat the exercise for her. Earlier whilst they were filming at 'Battleship 104', she lost control of herself and screamed out to the sea: "It's freezing!". She was immediately told to stop in order not to affect the other contestants. When the reporters called Mandy Cho, Miss LA Jessica Xu to take a picture with Leo Ku, she pushed in front to have her picture taken first.

Yesterday, the girls were filming playing soccer in the park and Xian's mood was back to normal. When asked why she was so strange, she would not admit it at first, but after the press offered her the evidence, she replied: "When I don't have enough sleep I will be like this. Usually I have to have eight hours, but after coming to Dalian, I haven't had enough sleep. I am happier today because I have had enough sleep." Number 19 Amanda Ong appeared with a rather revealing imprint of her breasts and responded: "I don't mind, maybe my bra was too thin. I will be more careful next time."

As guest performer, Leo Ku was quite shocked to hear about the TVB news team's SARS scare and said: "I had just returned from Guangzhou eight days ago, but luckily I did not feel unwell."


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