Tuesday, January 27, 2004

[The Sun]
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Don Li and some of the young actors in new series "Family of Five" have their birthdays in January, so yesterday, Jessica Hsuan and Joe Ma arranged a small birthday party in the studio for them as every child received presents and lucky packets, it left Jessica a little envious! "Joe and I are still very young! Just not as young as them! Why don't we get presents?"

The 25th of January was Don's 22nd birthday, so he laughs that he has received double lucky packets: "At the new year, everyone gets lucky packets and I get an extra one for my birthday, so it is quite rewarding!" Jessica on the other hand daren't take lucky packets as she laughs: "So old now, I shouldn't force people to give me lucky packets! Moreover I am getting rushed into getting married now, but I tell them to keep waiting!" Joe reveals that he will be filming for the continuation piece of "Triumph in the Skies" next month as producer Poon Ka Tak indicates that the script is still in discussion stages, but there have been suggestions for "Triumph" to be translated into English so that foreigners can also enjoy the show.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Recently, Hong Kong's weather has been continually cold and Shirley Yeung was filming for "Golden Egg of Ap Liu" with Ellesmere Choy yesterday in a wedding scene. Earlier because of the thin costumes, Shirley couldn't bear the cold and suffered from numb and cramping limbs and as a result the crew took her to hospital to seek medical attention.

Although she was unwell, Shirley still bore the cold, wearing a strappy wedding dress for her scene. She seemed a little lifeless and pale and told of the earlier incident: "When I got to the hospital, my arms and legs were so cold that they were numb. The virus was quite bad and I was quite ill that evening. The atmosphere at the hospital was quite horrifying because the patient in the next room was receiving emergency treatment and died in the end. The family were very upset afterwards."

When Shirley was asked if Gregory Lee was pained to see her unwell, she says: "Of course he was worried about me, he drove to the hospital to pick me up that day." When asked if she has asked for sick leave from the company, Shirley says: "I was going to take the day off that day, but because of the location, I couldn't take time off and had to do the scene. I was worried about catching a chill again today, so I am wearing three pairs of trousers and two warm packs together with a down jacket to keep warm." Shirley laughs: "Ellesmere and I had to film a kiss scene earlier and he laughed I was giving him the 'kiss of death'."


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