Thursday, January 01, 2004

[The Sun]

Joyce Tang was filming in Central for "Chicken Soup of the Soul", wearing a short black dress and causing a stir among the public. Of course, a pretty girl will cause heads to turn!

It turns out that New Year's Eve was Joyce's lunar birthday, so she ate chicken to celebrate. She says: "As my mother would make chicken for me ever since I was a child, when we had a break for dinner that night, I went to Kowloon City to eat Hainan chicken." As for what her boyfriend did for her, Joyce says: "He just said 'Congratulations!'"


[Oriental Daily]

The contestants of Miss Chinese International took part in a tour of Macau and the grand countdown on New Year's Eve. The show was a live outside broadcast and with the strong chilly sea winds, the contestants did their best to sing and dance.

Cast members of "Virtues of Harmony" including Nancy Sit and Frankie Lam also took part in the show and Kenix Kwok was there to accompany her fiance to count down to the new year. The two sat backstage together and revealed that as their wedding day is set for 10th March, Frankie will be taking a break in a weeks time. The couple will be making some stage appearances abroad over the Chinese New Year, then upon their return, they will be preparing for their wedding. Frankie's father who is still bedridden with Parkinson's Disease is aware of their plans to wed and has already been calling Kenix his 'Daughter in Law'.


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