Friday, January 16, 2004

[The Sun]

The 21 contestants for Miss Chinese International appeared in fiery red swimsuits yesterday as they made final preparations for tonight's show, however some of the swimsuits were rather ill-fitting and some of the contestants looked rather odd wearing them, including favourite Jessica Xu and Mandy Cho. The voting for "Miss Friendship" also took place during this final parade at TVB City.

Afterwards, Jessica indicated that they knew about the problems with the costumes beforehand, but said helplessly: "The swimsuits were not a very good fit as the tops were too small and the bottoms were a little loose, but I didn't ask to change it because there were no spare costumes. (Do you feel embarrassed?) The press were quite far away, so they shouldn't have noticed it."

Mandy did not feel embarrassed by it, saying: "It wasn't quite right, but it was okay. It was a healthy sexy look and still brought out my figure on the stage." Mandy led the field by taking the award for "Miss Friendship" previously only going to Hong Kong in 1996 with Winnie Yeung. Mandy said happily: "I think that this is the hardest award to get because I am happy that so many other contestants are supporting me. I am confident for tomorrow."


[Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

Tiffany Lam returned to Hong Kong yesterday on a four-day flying visit to present the runner up award in the MCI show. Back at TVB city, she caught up with some old friends, including Anne Heung. When asked about her life back in the US, she says that although she has to go to college five days a week and then work at her parents' business in the weekends, she does not find it hard because she is enjoying herself so much. When asked if she would be returning to showbiz life, she says that this is unlikely for the forseeable future as she is happy with educational life.

When asked if she had any favourites among the contestants, Tiffany replied diplomatically: "I am here to present the award, so I should not be prejudiced. However I offer Mandy the best of luck and will be supporting her."


[Sing Pao]

Fiona Yuen is often hosting cookery programmes introducing the best of Hong Kong gourmet, earning herself the title of 'Female God of Gourmet'. Recently she has become the presenter of a new cookery show on Metro Radio teaching listeners how to make some delicious recipes. In order to increase her skills, Fiona has sought the help of food critic Joe Chan to help her make 'Three Egg Fish Balls' in the hope of showing off her skills in the New Year. At the same time, her taste buds get a treat as she tries many delicious dishes.



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