Monday, January 26, 2004

[Summarised from Sing Tao Daily]

Benny Chan and Charmaine Sheh have been linked in many rumours and recently there have been reports that the two have been engaged, but they still deny their relationship and say that the reports are untrue. However on the third day of the new year, they were spotted touring Macau appearing low profile and not wanting to be seen. At around 3pm, the pair were spotted in Fook Lung Street in Macau. They were not holding hands and there was another male with them. From the eyewitness reports, Charmaine was wearing pink trousers, a woolly hat and shades and was very low key so as not to attract attention to herself.

When asked about the incident by reporters, Charmaine's manager indicates that Charmaine cannot be contacted and therefore is unclear about the incident. As for Benny's manager Mr Lam, he indicates that Benny will be staying with his family in Hong Kong for the new year and suggests that the chance of the two being in Macau were not high: "From what I know, Charmaine had to go to America for the new year so she could not be in Macau."

Also, when Benny was interviewed by Cha Siu Yan, he revealed that he lacks self-confidence so he would like to keep his personal life private. Talking of his relationship with Charmaine, he says that they are still good friends and this has not changed. He says that he has been followed for the past few days and he has not seen Charmaine, suggesting she should be in Hong Kong.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Julian Cheung and girlfriend Anita Yuen spent the new year break together, visiting the flower markets and when asked if they have been rushed into marriage by their families, Julian says: "We will not talk about these things, just go with the flow." Seeing the economy awakening with the new year, Julian has intentions to buy an apartment as an investment, but he makes clear that his finances are very separate from his girlfriend's and the apartment will not be a joint purchase.

Filming yesterday after the new year break with Tavia Yeung for "Water Margin Infernal Affairs", the cold weather has made Julian wrap himself up warm and after several late nights he was a little weary for the early morning shoot. He reveals that after finishing filming this series in March, he will need to get some rest and he may be heading overseas for a holiday. He laughs: "I am planning to learn to dive, combining leisure with the ability to 'lose the press'!" [Em: 'Diving' in Cantonese slang can mean going incognito.]


[Oriental Daily]

Sharon Chan appeared at an event in Tai Kok Tsui yesterday and was quizzed by reporters about whether she had been to boyfriend Matt Yeung's home for the new year, making her seem rather awkward. After more questions, she revealed that although she and Matt had split up six months ago, they are still good friends and she has been to his home to visit over the new year period. Sharon and Matt dated for three years and she says that they had some personality clashes whilst they were dating. Also she felt she was giving too much to the relationship and not concentrating on her work. Together with the passing of her father, leaving her as the breadwinner of the family, she had to focus on her work and not on love, so after a discussion with Matt, the two have both decided to concentrate on their careers, but have not ruled out getting back together again in the future.


[Oriental Daily]

After becoming top male at TVB in the year of the goat for his role in "Square Pegs", Roger Kwok is currently filming in Hengdian together with Eric Tsang's daughter Po Yee in "Sor Wong Chong Tin Ha". Despite being unable to head back to Hong Kong to be with his family and girlfriend Cindy Au for the new year, Roger is not lonely as he went out on New Year's eve with the crew for a celebration, visiting the local flower markets and enjoying the atmosphere. He says: "The atmosphere here is a lot better than in Hong Kong because anytime anywhere you can hear the sounds of fire crackers, drums and gongs. All the shops close for the new year, so people here will prepare all their reserves in advance and this is quite unusual for me."

As the weather in Hengdian is rather cold, with temperatures falling below zero, Roger laughs unimpressed when he hears it is only ten degrees in Hong Kong: "Ten degrees is nothing, Hengdian snows every night and it is especially cold in the morning. At first I wasn't so accustomed to the weather being so cold and I couldn't warm up even with a few layers of clothes, but now I am used it it and just a coat is enough to keep me warm."


[The Sun]

With many advertisement contracts behind her, Myolie Wu was filming at TVB City yesterday and although she is not yet married, she had still prepared a pile of lucky packets to hand out to her colleagues to thank them for their assistance. Myolie says: "I made a fair amount last year, so I have prepared some lucky packets for everyone. This is the first time I have handed them out and the feeling is quite good fun!" When asked if she had been to her boyfriend's home for the new year, she says: "I have been working for several days on the run, so I haven't been visiting and anyway, it isn't a tradition in his home! I hope that in the coming year there will be less gossip and more work. I also hope that I will no longer be referred to as upcoming, because I feel I am already there, the hard part is staying where I am!"


[Oriental Daily]

Big kids Myolie Wu and Timothy Wong joined in the carnival at Tin Ma Lam on Chinese New Year's day for some fun and hoped for a good scream on all the exciting rides and send away all the unhappy things from the last year.

As the two big kids saw all the spinning and turning of the rides, they became rather excited and began to study which would be more fun, but when they saw the colourful soft toys on the way, they decided to warm up first as Timothy claimed that he would win a prize for Myolie. Unfortunately after a few attempts, he returned empty handed.

Having studied abroad, Myolie loves the excitement of the rides, but with her age increasing, her courage is decreasing and she daren't go on any of the strongly rotating rides any more, as she would be sick afterwards. No wonder she sighs that she is getting old!

As for Timothy, it turns out he has a fear of heights, but he still decided to go for it and ride on the big wheel and roller coaster, proving that he loves to play. However when it comes to work, he will become very serious. Although he has only been in the industry for a few months, Timothy is being heavily promoted by TVB and in this short time, he has been filming series and hosting. At the moment, he is an ambassador for TVB pearl and he hopes that that new year will bring him opportunities to try other work, such as in the musical arena, where his biggest wish is to compose songs and allow people to see his musical talent.


[Apple Daily]

Myolie Wu and her junior Timothy Wong were wearing Chinese style clothing yesterday in Central to celebrate the new year. Myolie reveals that her income has risen highly this year, but she is pinning her hopes on the success on "Dreams of Colours" to steady her hold on a top TVB position. Myolie had a fortune conflict last year, but was still able to make great progress and obtain advertisement deals. Myolie says on a telephone interview: "Last year, I did a few ads and together with the success of 'Triumph in the Skies' I had a lot more events and I earned a lot more than the previous year. I hope to keep that going this year. I hope that my series ratings will be good this year, so I can keep my position stable. I filmed 'Net Deception' and 'Dreams of Colours'. I have seen the edits from 'Dreams' and I am confident in this show."


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