Saturday, January 17, 2004

[Sing Pao & Ta Kung Pao]

Results of Miss Chinese International 2004

Winner: Linda Chung (Vancouver)
First Runner Up: Mandy Cho (Hong Kong)
Second Runner Up: Carlene Aguilar (Manila)

Miss Friendship: Mandy Cho (Hong Kong)
Miss Beautiful Smile: Carlene Aguilar (Manila)

For all your MCI news needs - please visit Rana's site: http://www.misshkbeauties.com/news/news_0401.htm


[Ta Kung Pao]

Julian Cheung - Never wants to be poor again

Since entering the entertainment industry in 1991, it has been a roller coaster ride for Julian Cheung as his career has taken many ups and downs and he has still not managed to reach a stable height. However he is not discouraged by this as he continues to steadily work hard. He signed a five year deal with Wong Kar Wai last year, proving that there is still a dream in his silver screen career.

In 1991, Julian rose to stardom with a song "Modern Love Story" and gained many awards in the music industry, but his music career was not to take any great leaps. Later, he turned to filming movies and TV series and found fame on the small screen through successes such as "Legend of the Condor Heroes", "Cold Blood Warm Heart" and "Return of the Cuckoo". Unfortunately, he did not ride the wave and chose to head into the Mainland, losing his exposure and popularity, how did he come to this decision?

He laughs: "To me, making money is more important. Although awards are important, people must satisfy their practical needs. In fact, many artistes only seem to be well off on the outside. I do not want to have a house full of beautiful clothes, but no money - this would make me very afraid." Julian does not hide that he has this attitude because when he was young, he has experienced being poor. However there is not just money in his eyes, he has ambitions to become a director, but this is something far in the future.

As the music industry is not fruitful at the moment, many people like Julian have turned to acting, but in his bones, he still yearns to sing again and hopes that one day he will step back onto the stage. He does not have a favourite between singing and acting, but hopes to be able to continue working on both in the future. Julian says: "In acting, I prefer to make movies and am most afraid of ancient costume dramas. The roles I would most like to play are professionals, such as lawyers or doctors."

Last year, Julian signed a five year contract with director Wong Kar Wai's production company and when asked if he will be making a stance in the movies sector, he laughs: "I do hope that I can appear more in Hong Kong and do better than before, but I have not thought about entering Hollywood. (What has Wong Kar Wai asked of you?) He asked me to watch more films from the sixties. I am going in with a peaceful mind, I just hope that we can gradually discover our similarities, but if he has suitable characters for me, I will take part."

In work, Julian has a new starting point, but as for love, he has not changed in ten years in his love for girlfriend Anita Yuen. However when it comes to marriage, he still has the same reply: "Marriage is a stage in life that you have to pass, I will definitely get married, but the time is not right yet and we'll just see how it goes." He has filmed with Anita before in a Taiwanese series, if a suitable script came along, would he work with her again? He laughs: "Last time we emerged with a conclusion that couples are best if they don't work together because the feelings of the characters will always be continued outside of work and any outside feelings may affect the way you work. There should not be a next time." Now that is a great loss to the viewers!

Reporter: San San


[The Sun]

Tai Mung Mung appeared in a New Year promotional event in Shatin with Sammul Chan yesterday and she revealed that she did an anniversary show for Guangzhou TV earlier and it was an open show for the public to watch the filming. With even the make up room packed full of people, she felt very uncomfortable. She says: "The public could even enter the make up room and some women even came and pinched my cheeks. With it being so crowded and us being in Guangzhou, I was very worried especially as I became unwell after returning to Hong Kong. Luckily, the doctor says I was just suffing from a virus and would be better in a few days."

Also, Mung Mung says that she is happy to have a few days off over the New Year and only has to return to work on the fourth day of the new year. She will be going round collecting red packets to have a prosperous new year as she smiles: "I have already arranged with some colleagues to go to the record company boss' home to collect red packets - hopefully the more the better!"


[The Sun]

With their recent rise in popularity, Myolie Wu and Lai Nok Yi were sworn in as 'Crime Prevention Ambassadors' yesterday attracting many fans to the event. Although this is voluntary work for Myolie, she is still putting her heart into it as she says: "Ever since I was very young, I had wanted to become a police officer, but because my father had been in the police and had once fought against criminals, when he was stabbed with a knife, he would not let me join! To be able to do some related work now is valuable and it would be even better if I could become the host for 'Police Call' because I can contribute back to the community."

Myolie has been filming a lot of ads recently and even she admits that she will be having a 'fat new year'. She laughs: "Recently there have been a lot of ads and promotions, but the price is I have to work over the New Year, truly 'No worries for the year'."

As for Lai Nok Yi, he will also be working through the New Year as he says: "On the second day I will be recording a radio drama with Myolie and I have to practice my singing for more work later."


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