Wednesday, January 07, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye, Kiki Sheung and Nancy Wu were among those who took part at the costume fitting at TKO TVB City for new series "Destinies of the Western Chamber". With five of the main cast having appeared in "Triumph in the Skies", Myolie laughed that this is the ancient version of "Triumph", but the storyline and the ending will be a little out of the ordinary.

This is the third leading role that Ron Ng will have taken and in the show, he will be torn between Michelle and Myolie. When asked if he was worried about starting rumours, he says he wouldn't because if there were any to start they would have appeared whilst filming "Triumph". Since that show was aired, it has brought Ron a lot and entering 2004, he has already received offers for two advertisements for haircare products and diamond jewellery. When asked how much he would be paid for the two ads, he says: "For a newcomer, it is very satisfactory and I am happy with it."

Michelle has been busy in Shanghai filming for Mainland series "Poisoned Butterfly" and she returned especially for the fitting before heading out again in the evening. She says that in China there is a detoxification drug that used her image on their advertisements in China and she will be following in Carina Lau's footsteps and taking it further. She says: "As it is a matter of image rights, I have passed this to the hands of the company and we will be pursuing it to the end because I have never made this advertisement." Michelle says that it may be because they are currently airing her series "Eternal Happiness" in the Mainland and the picture they used was from a long time ago when she had short hair. If she wins any money from the claim, she will be donating it to charity.

Myolie's character in the series is Hung Leung [Red Lady - nickname for a matchmaker] and it turns out that in real life, she is a good matchmaker. She says: "At Christmas, a girlfriend said she wanted to find a boyfriend, so I did manage to find her a boyfriend, successfully bringing them together and everyone is very happy." Myolie says this is the fourth ancient series she has made and the happiest thing is being able to work with Michelle and Ron again. When asked about rumours, she says she is not afraid.


[Additional from The Sun]

Appearing at the costume fitting for "Destinies of the Western Chamber", Michelle Ye was dressed in a Tang costume that shows a little of the chest and together with her character's name "Chui Ngan Ngan", it was joked that she was playing a prostitute, to which she protested loudly: "I am playing a noble lady!"


[Sing Pao]

The twenty one Miss Chinese International Pageant contestants appeared in their swimwear earlier and showed off their figures in their tiny bikinis. Among them, number 16 Sarina Lee and number 21 Carlene Aguilar were most outstanding with 35.5 and 35 inch breasts respectively; number 2 Taiwan's Mandy Wang accidentally showed some hair and the favourite Miss LA Jessica Xu was still the most popular of them all. Number 18 Lien Xian caused a little trouble as she refused to be photographed with the others, later explaining her absence as being down to illness, even though she seemed fine.

The contestants were arranged to appear in a large water amusement park in Dalian for their swimwear shoot and they did not clear the venue so there were many swimmers crowding round to watch. According to the image consultant Chan Wai Ying, the figures of this year's contestants are not bad, the best are number 16 Sarina Lee with measurements of 35.5,24.75,35 and number 21 Carlene Aguilar measuring 35,24.5,36.75. When it was mentioned to Sarina that she had the best breasts, she replied: "Thank you!". However she does not feel this to be an advantage and she was not embarrassed at being watched because taking part in a beauty contest is like that and it is all an experience. Number 21 Carlene thanks everyone for their praise of her figure and she will compete with confidence, but she does not care too much for the result as she is enjoying the experience.

Miss Taiwan accidentally revealed some hair, but she wasn't aware of it so she didn't feel embarrassed. She had prepared earlier but she will be more careful in the future. Favourite to win Jessica Xu was very happy to be among the more popular ones and although she did not have the best figure, she feels she is okay, but she says that if her waist was a little slimmer it would be even better. She feels that it would be hard work if your breasts were too big.


MCI profiles are now available at Miss HK Beauties: http://www.misshkbeauties.com/04mci_profiles.htm

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