Friday, January 09, 2004

[Sing Pao & The Sun]

January 6th was Bernice Liu's 25th birthday, but she spent the day working, so on Thursday evening her parents along with Cutie Mui, Michael Tse, Frankie Lam and fiancee Kenix Kwok and other colleagues from "Virtues of Harmony" held a birthday party for her at a restaurant in Causeway Bay. The most special thing was that Bernice's 'good friend' Hawick Lau joined in the celebration with his mother and father as the two sets of parents met each other for the first time in public. As they happily sat together to have their photograph taken, it could be seen that Bernice and Hawick's relationship is very stable.

As well as a birthday cake, her colleagues all seemed to be very caring as they brought many gifts for Bernice, who was eager to open them. Frankie and Kenix brought a present of a belt; Michael knows that the birthday girl is afraid of the cold, so he bought her some warmth pads; Louis Yuen and his girlfriend gave her a bracelet and with so many other presents to open, Bernice was receiving gifts until her arms were tired. Bernice later revealed that ever since joining the cast of "Virtues", they would stop filming just before her birthday so she could not celebrate together with everyone. Although her birthday has passed, she was still happy to have a belated celebration with all her colleagues and friends.

For her birthday wish, Bernice hopes for good health, improvement in her work and for new admirers in the new year. As for what present she has bought to reward herself, she says: "Nothing, last year was already very good, I won a car. I hope to make some more money this year to save up for an apartment." Growing up abroad, there is a tradition where the return gifts to guests at a birthday celebration are different for men and women. On this occasion, Bernice was prepared, having asked her parents to help her choose tokens for guests.


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