Tuesday, January 27, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Following in the line of chargeable Satellite TV services, TVB announced the opening of five channels on the Milky Way Satellite system, named exTV at a press conference yesterday as the TVB enterprises Deputy Managing Director Chan Chi Wan disclosed the details after a lighting up and connection ceremony.

The five pay-to-view channels include three new channels in addition to the existing TVB8 and TVB Sing Ho, which will be introduced to Hong Kong viewers for the first time. The new channels are TVBN (24-hour TVB news), TVBE (Entertainment channel) and TVBQ (Children and Family viewing). TVBE will be launched on 2nd February, showing "Fight for Love" from two years ago that was never aired on the main channel. The stars from the show including Fiona Yuen, Patrick Tang and Wong Pui Ha were at the press conference to lend their support. exTV will begin test airing as of today and will be officially launched on 18th February.

Mr Chan also reveals that TVB has bought in some controversial shows from the mainland, such as "Running to Communism" and will be repackaging some of the classic TVB shows such as "Hong Kong 1981" and the first Miss Hong Kong pageant to air on these channels, so it will be cutting down on repeats on the main channel, replacing them with new productions such as documentaries.

Yesterday was the fifth day of the new year, traditionally unlucky, but TVB was not afraid and went ahead with the press conference. Mr Chan says he is not worried about superstition as he has been working through the new year. The broadcasting regulations indicate that you cannot sell from one arm of the company to another so as not to breach competition rules, so TVB's series will have to wait at least a year after first airing before they can be shown on the new channels.


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