Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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A group of cast members from TVB's Chinese New Year show "Vigilante in the Mask" had a celebration with the viewers yesterday in an "Ancient Soccer Cup Competition" where the stars including Eddie Kwan, Sammul Chan, Mandy Chiang, Fiona Yuen and Cindy Au played a friendly match against each other to win prizes. Fiona emerged as the lucky winner as her team won the competition and she also won the lucky draw for a pair of golden monkeys worth $2,200. She says that since entering the beauty contest, this is the best present that she has won. Entering the new year, Fiona's fortunes have been rolling in as she also won a golden monkey in another TVB show and she says she will look after her three little monkeys. Reading her fortune earlier, this year will not be bad for her rabbit sign with success in her work and a helping hand: the new year has brought her luck already as Fiona's slimming sponsor has signed her for another year and offered her a large lucky packet bonus of a five figure sum. Although there will be little fluctuation in her love luck this year, Fiona says confidently: "My relationship with my boyfriend is stable and a simple life is fortune."

Cindy Au caught the attention of everyone whilst playing the soccer game as she was wearing high heels and a short dress, making her seem rather clumsy. Cindy explains that she had prepared her outfit a week in advance and although she knew there would be a game she can still run in high heels so this was not a problem. The only worry for her was revealing herself, so she had sports shorts underneath her skirt just in case. Cindy spent nearly $3000 of her lucky money on this outfit and feels that she ate too much over the festive period so she has gained some weight, so she would not take her jacket off for photographs. With her boyfriend Roger Kwok away filming over the new year and not being able to make it back to Hong Kong for Valentines Day, with Cindy having to promote her new show anyway, the couple are experiencing a short time apart and depending heavily on long distance phone calls to keep in touch.

Amid the chaos of the gaming, Mandy Chiang also gained a 'top prize' as she explains: "During the competition before, it was very confusing and I was hit on the head by a male colleague. It hurt a lot, but I didn't see who it was." Mandy says that her lucky packet results for this year was not bad as she reveals that she received around $4000. When asked how much her boss Yeung Sau Sing had given her, she said awkwardly: "Nearly four figures, this is private really I can't say. It is just a token really I am afraid that it wouldn't be very fair to other people if I told."

Adding to the humour of the event, the artistes were made to wear extra big shoes to play the game and Sammul and Kenneth Ma were cheating very badly as they grabbed each other's clothes and used their hands to grab the ball. Referee Chung Chi Kwong had to show his yellow card a few times!


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Mandy Cho hosted the opening event for the International Orchid Exposition 2004 and was admiring the exhibits on show and having her photograph taken with the specimen worth an estimated $1bn and attracting a crowd who praised her beauty. Mandy commented that she has not had time to go to the flower markets this year, so she is making up for it now. With recent reports that whilst filming for TVB's Music Special with Aaron Kwok, he has been outwardly courting her, Mandy responds calmly: "I have not read the reports and I don't believe it." Mandy sees this news as just a bit gossip and has no feelings for it, but she praised Aaron for being good-looking. It turns out that she has a wedding scene in the special and comparing this with her last wedding gown shoot, she laughs: "My last partner wasn't as handsome as Aaron!" When asked if she had to kiss him, she says: "No! (Did you wear flat shoes to account for Aaron's height?) Just my normal shoes!"

Also, Mandy has had a rewarding New Year after receiving a big pile of lucky packets. As she was not in Hong Kong in past years, then she has made up for it this year, even picking up Sir Run Run's lucky packet whilst working over the new year.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

With the young market of Valentines Day in the spotlight, recent popular stars Ron Ng and Leila Tong have been chosen by a jewellers to promote thier love range of diamond jewellery. As young people themselves, Ron and Leila see Valentines Day very importantly and although they have not revealed their other halves, they both indicate that if they have a lover, then they would give them diamonds as a Valentines day gift because this can represent a feeling of faultless love.

The advertisements will consist of a series of still photographs along the classic themes of walking on a beach and a romantic meal.


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