Thursday, January 15, 2004

[Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Producer Lee Tim Sing's new series "Proud Warriors of Chu and Han" held its costume fitting yesterday and although he took the part of Xiang Yu in the earlier sales presentation for the show where Damian Lau played Liu Bang, Adam Cheng has now moved into the Liu's character and Xiang will be played by Kwong Wa. Adam laughs that Liu succumbs to wealth and beauties, so it is 'just right for him'. In response to the changes in the roles, Adam laughs: "I am not strong enough to be a greedy king, I have the heart but not the strength nowadays. Not like King of Gamblers Stanley Ho because he knows how to keep himself in good health because he can eat the best and I wish to be like him." Producer Lee explains the reason for the change in cast as being down to the work not being confirmed when the presentations were filmed. He suggests that a reason he moved Adam's character to that of Liu was because he felt that Adam had that air of cunning and selfishness in his acting that would have been difficult to bring out in Damian, despite him being an excellent actor.

Adam says that he really likes the character of Liu Bang because he is very much like his character, just bumbling along and dependent on luck and great people around him. However it turns out that there is also another reason: "Liu Bang had a lot of concubines, unlike Xiang Yu who just had one Yu Gei, who eventually dies. I wonder if there will be any steamy scenes with my wives in the show, I don't mind giving myself up for my art!"

With daughter Joyce's earlier return to Hong Kong from Canada, Adam was only able to see her once because Joyce was busy with her slimming and all her engagements. Although she has lost over sixty pounds, Adam thinks that this is not enough because she can be even prettier.

During yesterday's event, Kwong Wa's wife Kitman Mak was taking a lot of photos of him and Kwong Wa reveals he is very happy to be able to work with Adam because he can learn so much and he is not afraid of Adam stealing the show as he mocks himself: "Adam is a more senior artiste and I am far behind him. Kwong Wa as emperor? Stand aside, when Adam was an emperor, I don't even know where I was!" He adds that it is a rare opportunity to play a really masculine character and he hopes to create some sparks with Adam.

Kwong Wa has been accused of being late for filming in the past and Adam is famed for his punctuality, to this Kwong Wa denies the allegations: "People are just saying that, don't take it as the truth. I was the first to arrive at today's event, because I have always been this good."

As for Melissa, she was asked if she should be handing out lucky packets this year and she replied quickly changing the subject: "I give red packets out every year!" When asked about her suspected marriage earlier in the year, she admitted that she was living together with her boyfriend, but they are not yet married. As for them having bought Anita Mui's former love nest, Melissa says: "That apartment is over ten years old and I wouldn't know who the former residents were. However I am a fan of Anita's and I hope she will rest in peace and be happy." As they bought in the apartment during last year's SARS outbreak when prices were rock bottom, the value has risen recently. As to whether this will be their newly-wed home, she smiles: "We have been together for many years and a marriage certificate is not really necessary. At the moment, we are just buying an apartment together and I feel that with my work going well, I would like to continue with this for now." Melissa will be heading out to Toronto for a stage appearance soon and then stay for an extra two days to spend the new year with her family. As a result she finds this year's New Year is very positive as she can make money as well as spend time with her family.

The other female star to the show Maggie Cheung will be trying out her costume on Monday. The show will begin filming after the Chinese New Year and will be heading out to film on location in Wuxi in April, with the weather at that time not hot and not cold, Kwong Wa feels this is the best season to go.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Joe Ma was earlier linked in rumours with Nancy Wu, but at a TVB event yesterday, the two were happy to take photographs with each other at the request of the press, suggesting there is no awkwardness.

For this year's Chinese New Year, Joe has had to celebrate in advance because of his work and in response to not being able to spend the occasion with his son, he says: "Children do not have a deep understanding into the meanings of festivals so my son has not been unhappy about it. As long as his cousin is playing with him, he will be happy."

Also Myolie Wu and Leo Ku returned from trips to Japan recently and they both appeared with their Japanese finds. Myolie left with one case and returned with two and as the schedule was tight and the sales were on there, a lot of the spring collections had not yet been released, so originally wanting to do a lot of shopping, Myolie was a little disappointed. She says: "This time I found that eating was very expensive. A sushi meal for two was almost a thousand dollars."

Myolie, who was born in the year of the Ram, has been told by a fortune teller that she will have a lot of romantic encounters and she says happily: "Romance is a way of building relationships with people, so this could be a good thing. However my boyfriend is a dragon and for them there may emerge a third party in their relationship. I have never been worried because my qualities are too good, of course there will be other people after me, just as long as they are not men! Ha ha!!"

As for Leo, he has bought some springtime clothes from Japan, spending a six figure sum. As he will have a lot of work to do soon, he will be able to use this batch of new clothes. As for the New Year, he will be performing on the Mainland, but he is not worried about SARS as long as he maintains hygiene.


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